Sunday, February 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Ella!

February 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Ella! It is her four month birthday today. I can’t believe she is getting so big! Wow…she is already rolling over (a lot! And right off of couches!!) and can almost sit up by herself. She coo’s a lot and it pretty noisy when she wants to be. We bought her a new little toy, one of those activity centers they can sit in. She really likes it, and its nice ‘cause it holds her up so she can look around. It was only $20, too! I bought it off a girl here…it worked out nicely!

Anyway, this weekend was pretty fun. Friday night was “Bunko Night” with the Spouses Organization. It’s this game that you roll dice with. It was very fun! There were only about 12 girls that showed up, but it was still really nice. They had food all set up, and then we played for about three hours. I didn’t win anything, but it was still fun. Tom went over to Derick’s and they watched the kids while Megan and I were gone. Tom said that Ella cried for half an hour or so. I always feel so bad when I hear that! I don’t know what to do, though! Sometimes I just need a little break from her, but then I feel bad when I come back and Tom is ready to strangle her! Babies can be such a pain!! Oh well, hopefully it will get better…we’ll have to wait and see.

Yesterday we went into town to pick up a package from Tom’s parents, which came! YAY! It had books, pepperoni, and baby onesies! It is like Christmas all over again getting those packages! After we picked that up, we went over to Ace to try and find a rug…but they’re pretty much a million dollars for anything bigger than a 2 x 3. I’ll try the 1-2-3-4 Store next week and see what I can find. I just want a big fluffy rug I can lay Ella on. She needs something to crawl around on, too. Tile isn’t very comfortable on your knees!

After we came back from town we went and picked up Ella’s new toy then went to the beach. We were there for a couple hours and the weather was just fabulous! We even took Ella in the water for a while and she only screamed when we first got in. I think it was a little cold for her. J Silly baby! There were very interesting people at the beach yesterday. There was a group of three guys, maybe in their 40’s, late 30’s? in little speedos walking around talking to all the girls. They had HUGE muscles, but in a gross way. It was pretty funny – they were quite the show. All the normal girls that saw them all were chuckling under their breaths, it was funny to watch their reactions. They were standing in line at Rosie’s Food Shack trying to talk to the other women in line. Every time I looked at them I couldn’t stop laughing! Very entertaining J

After the beach, you’ll never believe this…I went running with Tom. Yeah. Me! Running! Whudda thunk, right?! We put Ella in the stroller and ran about a mile. That is A LOT for me!! I was very proud of myself. I only had to walk a little bit. Tom pushed the stroller the whole way! I couldn’t believe it! The road we ran on had major hills, too! And he pushed it without stopping the whole way!! Wow…I definitely am not at that point yet. J Baby steps, though.

After that we got cleaned up and I made pizza for dinner: BBQ chicken pizza. It was pretty dang good. I don’t think we have any leftovers of that…I think Tom ate the rest of it while watching the Tennesse/Memphis basketball game.

Anyway, it’s time to get ready for church, so I should probably go. Plus, Ella is screaming at me. She was up aaaaaaallllllllllllll night……grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr………..


amber said...

4 months already?!? i can't believe how fast that went, she is getting so big and cute! and she's rolling already?? I bet thats fun for mom to have to watch her even more closely now :) sounds like the craziness in the caribbean continues, old men in speedos and bunco night, sounds like great fun, wish i was there! :)

Katie said...

She is so cute! Ben and Sam rolled off the couch several times. I would be so worried and feel like an awful mother. Now they fall off, over, and down everything and don't even care. Good times!

amber said...

Tag, you're it! Check out my post to see what to do :)