Sunday, June 6, 2010

Update :)

Here is a little update on what is going on in our lives. Just quick little bullet points and a few more Ella-isms:

1. Kathryn, my youngest sister, just got married on Friday and had a super fun reception at Spanish Hills Country Club.

2. I have five weeks left of this pregnancy, but I may get induced a week early (just because) so I only have FOUR weeks left! AH! So close!

3. Ella is slowly becoming potty trained. We have been using positive reinforcement, bribery, and brain washing by surrounding her with potty training books. It is sort of working...

This is Ella with her pretty American Flag she made in nursery. She LOVES nursery, especially her two friends "Cody" and "Mia", which are really Cordy and Mina. She says she likes to push Cordy, though....which concerns me a little bit...maybe its like when boys throw dirt at little girls when they have a crush on them?

This is all the girls from work, and Mom, at the Dodgers Game for my birthday. We got to walk on the field after the game and meet one of the players, Danny Worth, who happens to be Breanne's fiance (the blonde). It was SUPER fun! I had a really great birthday weekend, complete with going out to dinner on Saturday, the Dodger game on Friday, and a yummy birthday dinner and cake on Sunday! It was great :) I'm the big 2-5 now...crazy...

Here are a few new Ella-isms for your entertainment:

Somewhere along the lines, Ella has picked up and understands what boobs are. Well, she saw grandma in her swimsuit this weekend and said: (Oh, and she pronounces grandma like Monga...its like grandma backwards sort of?)

Ella: "Monga boobs! Monga BIG boobs!"

After Tom had been gone for a week in Utah, Ella woke up in the morning and saw him there, she said:
Ella: "Daddy! I pooped in the crib!"
Dad: Why did you do that?
Ella: It's yucky!
Dad: Yeah, it is yucky. Do you poop in the potty now?
Ella: *Laugh* Noooo....
Dad: Why not?
Ella: *Laugh* Silly daddy...