Saturday, November 28, 2009

Six More Days...

We are leaving the island for good in six more days. I am pretty excited. I know I have been slacking on my blog with the lack of pictures and such, but I promise I'll fix up some posts when we get home. My computer also died, so I'm having to use Tom's computer and I am having a hard time with a Mac! So yeah, those are my excuses :)

Anyway, this may be my last "island post" before we're back in the wonderful, magnificent, U.S. of A. *siiiigh* Loooove America :) Haha!

Right now we are trying to pack up a bunch of suit cases because we move into a hotel Sunday/Monday. I can't believe that we are leaving already. It seems like it went so quickly...but then took FOREVER. :)

I also want to give a shout out to Tom who has been SO unbelievably wonderful the past couple weeks. I think I am sicker this pregnancy than with Ella. All I want to do is sit....or sleep....and not move...I'm hungry, but want to throw up when I eat....its this vicious cycle. Tom has been GREAT! He has been doing ALL the chores, watching Ella, getting up early with her so I can sleep in, and everything! I don't think I tell him enough how much I appreciate him. Thank you, thank you, Tom!!! :D

Anyway, next time I post, hopefully we'll be in America!! WOOO!!!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


It's funny how the body and mind work. A few years after you have a kid, its like, "Aawww....I want another one....this is so wonderful..." and yadda yadda yadda. Then you get pregnant and its like, "oooooh yeaaaahhhh.......nooooow I remember why we waited three years....." BLAH!

For the past couple weeks I have been feeling really great! Not sick at all, sort of tired, but manageable, and just a little emotional. About five days ago, it got worse: really sleepy ALL the time and SUPER emotional. I mean, it was getting ridiculous. If I asked Ella to put her shoes on and she didn't (okay, she is TWO!) it would make me want to cry. It was a little ridiculous. I was getting pretty frustrated because although I may be a passionate and overactive person, I'm not overly emotional. I RARELY cry and hardly ever get really worked up about things (I've learned this since high school, that was a different story :) haha!) So, the fact that here I was as this emotional wreck, was really frustrating.

Well, now that has past a little bit...and onto full on morning sickness, which I don't know why they call it morning sickness, since CLEARLY it lasts ALL day. It's at that point where certain smells are like, "gaaaaaag" and I'm really hungry, but the thought of eating makes me want to puke...but then once I eat, I feel a little better.....but then feel sick again. It's kind of a vicious cycle? Hopefully this goes away soon...but probably not. Boo.

Now, I'm sure most people reading my blog are like, "um...okay, who cares?" Well, I totally respect if you don't care. But, I'm not writing this blog for you people. It's for me and my kids. Sooooo, ten years from now, or twenty years from now, I can say, "See??? Look what I went through for you!!" Hahaha! :) Good stuff.

Also, I'm still a little bit in denial about the whole pregnancy thing, although seeing the ultrasound pictures on Andrea's blog (shout out, Andrea!) did make me REALLY excited to have a baby :) I'm still kind of freaked out over the whole thing. People keep asking me what is there to be freaked out about...uh...HELLO!? I'm worried about the whole pregnancy thing, about something going wrong, about something being wrong with the baby, about miscarrying, about the ACTUAL labor, what if something goes wrong with that? What if the epidural is messed up? What if I have to have an emergency c-section? What if I don't like my Dr.? What if my baby is colicky? Can I really handle having more than one kid, when one is sometimes so overwhelming? What if Ella is jealous of the new baby and is constantly picking on them? What if Ella uses the new sibling as a RECRUIT?! AH!

Yes, Ella's pregnancy and labor was like a DREAM. Sooooo easy! NOTHING went wrong. Everything was predictable. It was LOVELY. So yeah, it can only go downhill from that, right?? That is what I'm a little afraid of. *sigh* Too late now, though, right?!?? :) Hahaha!!

Oh, still no pictures. My computer decided to be stupid and quit working. So, there may not be pictures for a couple more weeks. Sorry :( I need to figure out how to put them on Tom's computer...soooo, yeah. Sorry!

Monday, November 16, 2009


Yes, yes....for those of you who have seen my facebook status - I am pregnant again! :)

We think I am due around the first week of July, but I haven't been to the Dr.'s yet. Soooo, we're not exactly sure. Oh well :)

So far I'm feeling really good. Just kind of hungry all the time...and really emotional for some reason? When I was pregnant with Ella I don't think I was that emotional, but man oh man...its making up for it now! Haha!

I think I am having a hard time accepting the fact that I am pregnant, though. I am kind of freaked out about it. That is kind of why I didn't call anyone or tell anyone face to face...I think I am still in denial, and if I just type it....then it isn't as real! Ha! I know, I know....super lame...but deal with it people :) I also had the best idea of how to tell people: get Ella a "big sister" t-shirt. So we went hunting around the island to find one....nothing. I coudln't find one ANYWHERE. So that put me in a bad I just posted it instead. So I'm apologizing to all the family members that read it on facebook first! Sorry! I still love you, but again...just a little in denial still! Ha! I think that will I get fatter!

That's another thing, I just lost all this weight! Dang I get to gain it all back. Yeeeeshh....

Oh, and don't expect any belly pictures from me. I am NOT into the whole "here is my naked stretched out tummy" so sorry :) The only belly pictures you'll get is if I happen to be taking a picture anyway...not JUST for the tummy. I know a lot of people are into tummy pictures, but not sorry :)

Aaaaanyway, that is our big news here! That, and we are almost done with this island! Wahoo! :) That's a different post, though. ;)

So much happening!

Okay, this is kind of going to be a lame blog entry because I don't have ANY pictures yet. My computer crashed the evening my parents left and I just put all my pictures on it. So I need to put them on Tom's computer, then I'll post some pictures :) So sorry....

A few big exciting things have happened so far, though!

My parents came down for the weekend to help us celebrate Ella's birthday. Her birthday was a couple weeks ago, but we had a party for her this last Saturday at Layla's. It was REALLY fun! :) There will be pictures coming. Ella got lots of fun presents: sparkly shoes, dress up clothes, playdoh, coloring stuff, etc. She was pretty excited :)

We also went to Anguilla while my parents were here. We went to Anguilla instead of the 5th Semester party. It was a fun little weekend getaway! We went to Shoal Bay and stayed at Island Harbour. We ended up staying at this DIVE of a hotel though! was definitely NOT accurate. I called them when we got back and ended up getting 40% refunded adn 10% off our next reservation. So that's good. It was such a hole! Hah! So, future reference: NOBODY stay at the Arawak Beach Inn, unless you want to go camping!Ha! We ate at the yummiest restaurant for dinner, though: The Straw Hat. Soooo yummy. Even Ella's spaghetti was AMAZING! Haha! :)

While my parents were here, we did some other fun stuff, too! We went to the Butterfly Farm (again, pictures coming), Le Galion Beach, and ate at our favorite restaurant: Bajatzu. Soooo yummy. Mmmm....that is one restaurant I will miss for sure! Haha! :) Ella loved the Butterfly Farm and liked playing at the beach. That girl is a definite Water Baby!!

So that's a brief run through of my parents visit - again, pictures coming!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Blurb about Motherhood

This is to all you mothers out there....I need you to tell me if anyone else goes through this! Hahaha!! :)

For the past month or so, Ella hasn't been eating well. She was averaging about 1.5 meals a day. She is already stick skinny, so I was getting a little worried. Then she discovered how much she likes Macaroni and Cheese.

I give her macaroni and cheese for breakfast....I've been giving it to her for four days in a row. She eats A LOT of it. This morning she had a thing of applesauce, two full starfruits, and a bowl of macaroni. Yesterday she had a bowl of macaroni and applesauce again. The day before, she had a bowl of macaroni and a bowl of fruit cocktail.

For lunch, I usually try to give her chicken nuggets or something...but she only eats them now if I give her macaroni and cheese, too. Dinner is the same.

Now, I know it is bad to just give her what she wants all the time, but she is eating so much now! What are your thoughts on me giving her macaroni until she starts eating enough again?? I was worried she was going to lose more weight, but if she keeps this up...she may just get into the average percentile!

Thoughts anyone? Macaroni and cheese is sort of healthy, right? Milk....butter....wheat....powdered cheese?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

I can't believe we've been married for FIVE years!! It makes me feel like an old lady! WOW. Haha :) It has definitely been a quick five years, though. I always heard that when you are married, it seems so short, no matter how long you've been married....but at the same time, it seems like you've ALWAYS been married. That's totally what it feels like. :) I can't believe it has been five years!

Well, last year on our anniversary I gave a run down of how we met and the top 50 things I love about Tom. None of those things have really changed, so I'm having to think of something new to write about :)

I know a lot of these pictures are repeats, too, but that's okay. They're still good pictures :)

When it really comes down to it, there isn't that much that needs to be said. I think you can gather a lot about us by the pictures we take and the things we do.

And by the kids we make...well....just kid right now. But isn't she cute!

I think you can tell a lot about a couple by how much time they actually want to spend around each other. Granted, you will occasionally get on each others nerves, but that's what its like with your family, too. And everyone loves their families :) Tom and I would rather be around each other than just about anyone else. I would much rather spend a quiet evening with Tom, than a crazy night out with my friends. Granted, a crazy night every now and then is kind of remind me of what I have to come home to! :)

Even through all the CRAZINESS we have been through, and all the struggles and trials, both physical, emotional, spiritual, I've never once thought that Tom and I weren't meant to be. All of our trials have been things we have dealt with together....and not because of each other.

Even when our kid sometimes looks like this :) Hahah!

But seriously, I know a lot of couples have often doubted or wondered if who they married was the right one. But I think Tom and mine's relationship just happens so effortlessly, that it couldn't NOT work! No matter what comes up or what the problems or dilemmas we are facing, we can always talk through them.

And talking about things is what is most important in a relationship: communication. Knowing that your spouse is listening to you and you are listening to them. That way you both feel validated with knowing that you know how the other person feels.

It's also nice knowing that you're with someone who would never intentionally do anything to hurt your feelings. Someone that loves you more than themselves, and that you love more than yourself. I think it is easier to love Tom than most people because he's just so non-antagonizing! haha :)

Even if things don't go the way we planned, and we may be struggling through some temporary hardships, I know that I am happy and at peace in the long run. When I look at the big picture, it is so steady and stable, which is more important than the temporary struggles.

I love you, Tom. You are my favorite. You make me happy. You make me feel peace.

Happy Halloween!

We had a GREAT Halloween this year! I bought Ella's costume back in August, so I was SO excited to finally have her wear it :) She was a cute little ladybug. So cute!

Anyway, we started our morning out by going down to this grocery store WAY down in Madame Estates (I think?) called Fresh Market. I wish I had've discovered that store sooner! It was VERY American! It was like walking into Albertsons, only a little smaller. They were even giving out samples 'cause it was Saturday. Awesome :)

We went there, though, because the newspaper had advertised that James Parker from Food Network would be there!!

Ta Da! SO COOL! :) He was one of the Food Network Challenge competitors for the fruit carving one in Hawaii. He was really nice and very talented. He says he will be giving classes next year, but I told him I wouldnt' be here. So he gave me his card and told me to email him 'cause he does classes in California, too! Suh-weet! :)

Fruit bird. Made compeletely out of fruit/vegetable.

This one was REALLY cool! This was his main showpiece. You can't really see it, but there was a cool fountain going through the whole thing, too. Very neat :)

Anyway, after that, we took Ella home and put her down for a nap, while I made cupcakes. Tom helped me sprinkle them too :) I think there is a picture at the bottom.

When Ella woke up, we got her all dressed and pretty and headed over to Sunset Beach Bar because the newspaper said they were having a Kids Halloween Carnival. Well, it turns out they were just doing free hot dogs/hamburgers and drinks. We were eating at the Spouses Org Halloween Party, so we didn't want to stay for that. The newspaper also said games, face painting, etc. But no...they didn't have any of that. We even asked and the main guy said, "No?" and looked at us like we were crazy. False advertising, I guess.

I had a hard time getting a good picture of Ella! She kept closing her eyes or moving her head or something. So sorry these pictures aren't great. She still looked so cute, though :)

This is Ella trunk or treating. She was SO funny!! She would go up to the people with buckets, and start taking candy out one at a time...and keep taking them and keep taking them....till I finally had to push her away. Then she would go to the next person and when I said, "Take only one, Ella" she woudl just take one at a time, and keep taking and taking, while I was talking with whoever. I was like, "Ella! no!" She had SOOO much candy! Her little bucket was completly full!! I think she had a good time :)

Here are my Halloween Cupcakes! They were Halloween Funfetti, too! Soooo cute! :) Thanks Mom for giving me the box/frosting! :)

There was another spouse that had her girl dressed in the same costume as Ella. Oh well :) They were two cute little ladybugs!

The Spouses Org did a GREAT job decorating and everything!

Ronda even made these cool photo things and a bean bag toss game, too. There was a candy making station, a "body part" station with things like string beans as "fingers" and stuff. It was very cute :) Ella had a good time. There was face painting, and bean bag toss, and magnet darts and a costume contest. Ella didn't win the costume contest, but the baby that did was SOO cute! she was in a caterpiller costume like the caterpiller on Alice in Wonderland. You can't beat that! :) Haha!

All in all it was a VERY fun day! It was fun to be around so many fun people and their cute kids all dressed up. Thank you, Spouses Org, for doing such a great job and having such a FUN party!!!! :)