Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We had a GREAT Halloween this year! I bought Ella's costume back in August, so I was SO excited to finally have her wear it :) She was a cute little ladybug. So cute!

Anyway, we started our morning out by going down to this grocery store WAY down in Madame Estates (I think?) called Fresh Market. I wish I had've discovered that store sooner! It was VERY American! It was like walking into Albertsons, only a little smaller. They were even giving out samples 'cause it was Saturday. Awesome :)

We went there, though, because the newspaper had advertised that James Parker from Food Network would be there!!

Ta Da! SO COOL! :) He was one of the Food Network Challenge competitors for the fruit carving one in Hawaii. He was really nice and very talented. He says he will be giving classes next year, but I told him I wouldnt' be here. So he gave me his card and told me to email him 'cause he does classes in California, too! Suh-weet! :)

Fruit bird. Made compeletely out of fruit/vegetable.

This one was REALLY cool! This was his main showpiece. You can't really see it, but there was a cool fountain going through the whole thing, too. Very neat :)

Anyway, after that, we took Ella home and put her down for a nap, while I made cupcakes. Tom helped me sprinkle them too :) I think there is a picture at the bottom.

When Ella woke up, we got her all dressed and pretty and headed over to Sunset Beach Bar because the newspaper said they were having a Kids Halloween Carnival. Well, it turns out they were just doing free hot dogs/hamburgers and drinks. We were eating at the Spouses Org Halloween Party, so we didn't want to stay for that. The newspaper also said games, face painting, etc. But no...they didn't have any of that. We even asked and the main guy said, "No?" and looked at us like we were crazy. False advertising, I guess.

I had a hard time getting a good picture of Ella! She kept closing her eyes or moving her head or something. So sorry these pictures aren't great. She still looked so cute, though :)

This is Ella trunk or treating. She was SO funny!! She would go up to the people with buckets, and start taking candy out one at a time...and keep taking them and keep taking them....till I finally had to push her away. Then she would go to the next person and when I said, "Take only one, Ella" she woudl just take one at a time, and keep taking and taking, while I was talking with whoever. I was like, "Ella! no!" She had SOOO much candy! Her little bucket was completly full!! I think she had a good time :)

Here are my Halloween Cupcakes! They were Halloween Funfetti, too! Soooo cute! :) Thanks Mom for giving me the box/frosting! :)

There was another spouse that had her girl dressed in the same costume as Ella. Oh well :) They were two cute little ladybugs!

The Spouses Org did a GREAT job decorating and everything!

Ronda even made these cool photo things and a bean bag toss game, too. There was a candy making station, a "body part" station with things like string beans as "fingers" and stuff. It was very cute :) Ella had a good time. There was face painting, and bean bag toss, and magnet darts and a costume contest. Ella didn't win the costume contest, but the baby that did was SOO cute! she was in a caterpiller costume like the caterpiller on Alice in Wonderland. You can't beat that! :) Haha!

All in all it was a VERY fun day! It was fun to be around so many fun people and their cute kids all dressed up. Thank you, Spouses Org, for doing such a great job and having such a FUN party!!!! :)

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{cody.amber.chandler} said...

How fun, you guys sure know how to party it up on the Island! Haha, do you miss being President of the Spouses Organization?? They did a great job! I LOVE Ella's costume, she looks adorable! Where is mom's costume, huh? ;) Chan and I are going to be up in UT either the week before or after Christmas (we'll be in AZ for Christmas), when are you guys going to be there? That will definitely influence when I go up, I need my Laura fix! Miss you! ΓΌ