Monday, November 15, 2010

Time flies!

Wow, I can't believe it has been over two months since my last post! Wow...that is very unusual for me. Well, I'll give a brief update because I just haven't really had the motivation to post anything.

So we moved to Chicago and are living in a clown car of a house. I say that because there are a lot of people living under one roof! There is me, Tom, Ella, and Tommy, Toms two brothers Sam and Joseph, Toms mom, and Toms aunt Judy. One Aunt, two moms, one dad, two brothers, one daughter, a baby, and a partridge in a pear tree! There is also two cars between the six of us and two showers. That gets tricky on Sunday mornings :) Haha! Luckily the rest of the week, our getting readys are at different times.

Anyway, I have been working two jobs for the past two months: I'm the front desk/door girl at Sam Ash Music Store and I'm a host at The Melting Pot. I hated both jobs at first. The SA (Sam Ash) job because it was completely mindless and I felt like such a loser for being SOOOO over qualified for the job. It was really ridiculous, but I've come to tolerate it. My second job at the Melting Pot was okay, but I was having a hard time keeping the servers happy. Whenever they are having a problem, they take it out on the hosts because we are the ones that keep giving them table assignments. Well, its not my fault that you are getting tables - blame the customer. That is getting less now, though, since I kind of know what I'm doing.

Well, two weeks ago I got offered a full time sales position at Sam Ash. So I quit the Melting Pot (much to my managers dismay!) and my last day there is on Saturday. I told my manager there to keep me on for REALLY busy days, though, 'cause I make a lot on tips! (Hosts, Bartenders, and Busers split 3% of sales for their tips - not too bad!) So today I started my training as sales associate at Sam Ash. I am excited, but a little nervous. They work on a commission basis and the company is REALLY strict with their commission rules! Sheesh! So hopefully I don't get chewed out if I don't make my commission goals this first couple months! Haha! Oh, Tom and I got new callings at church, too: Primary teachers for the CTR 7 class! They are CUTE! I am gonna love this calling! :) Side note about church: I taught my first Relief Society lesson this last week! I was NERVOUS! But I think it went okay, I just hope I didn't talk too fast like I always do! Haha!

So that's new with me. Tom is working for his uncles and riding the scooter to and from work every day (even when it is FREEZING...which it is now). But he's a good sport and likes working the construction stuff with his uncles. He has learned how to fit windows, do drywalling, and replace a roof! He comes home sore, but happy for the most part :) So that's good. We are still waiting to hear back from AUC, but as of now it doesn't look like medical school is in our near future. Instead, we will be switching gears and trying out for law school. Tom is excited and feels that this decision will be better in the long run. He definitely was not having positive thoughts or experiences with medical school and had lost interest completely. So he is doing something he is actually excited for - which makes sense to me! So as of now, he is doing the research, preparation, and studying for law school.

Ella is three now (I can't believe that!) and is growing bigger every day and getting sassier and sassier! I'm not sure where she picks up this sassy attitude, but it is kind of hilarious! Here is an example:

Mom: Ella, you need to go to bed now.
Ella: No, mom. Don't say that word.
Mom: What word?
Ella: Go to bed. Don't say that. Too bad for you mom.

Yeah, sassy little girl. Also, much to my dismay - SOME people she is around are teaching her not-so-nice words that I really wish they wouldn't. Yes, it is funny to hear a three year old say some things, but it won't be funny when she repeats it in primary in two months! On a positive note, Ella is learning her letters and numbers. She can count to ten (but sometimes forgets the number 8) and can almost spell her name. She knows her birthday and knows everyones name. She even calls Tommy, "Wiggle Dude" (She has a hard time saying, "Little" so it comes out "Wiggles", which is what EVERYONE is calling him now :)) She also LOVES music and loves to sing! She makes up her own songs and knows almost every nursery rhyme you can think of, although sometimes they dont quite come out exactly right :) Example:

Ella singing: The itsy bitsy spider up the water spout, down rain and wash spider out. Sun comes up and rains, itsy itsy itsy itsy itsy spider up spout again.


"Hickory icky dock. Mouse ran up clock. Clock struck one. Mouse ran down. Ickory icky dock."

They are adorable, to say the least :)

Tommy (or Wiggles) is getting bigger, too! He is now four months old. He still has a hard time holding his head up, but it does seem rather large for his size! Haha! :) He smiles A LOT and is generally a happy baby - when he is being held. He definitely isn't a huge fan of being left alone and loooooves attention. Ella is very sweet with him, but sometimes a little rough. She says he is her best friend and tries to help all she can. It is pretty cute :) He can roll over from tummy to back, but not back to tummy. He also HATES riding in his car seat, which is pretty inconvenient because then he cries the whole time. Blah. Oh, and yes, his hair is coming in sort of red :D

So yeah, thats whats going on with us. Sorry I don't have any pictures, but I figure everyone who reads my blog can also check my facebook and I have been putting pictures on there. :) I'm not sure who still reads this anyway since there really isn't much going on in our lives right now! Haha! :)