Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Egg Dyeing!

Ella got to dye Easter eggs for the first time this year! She had a great time! She would keep naming the colors and then put the eggs in each cup. When they would come out she would say "Wow! Cool!" It was very cute :)

We stripped her down because I wasn't sure how messy it was going to get...

We used the Toy Story Egg Dyeing Kit. She had a really fun time putting stickers on the eggs and saying the characters names, "Woody....Buzz....Horsey..." It was very cute :)

Here is a picture of Ella helping Grandma cook Easter dinner! Ella LOVES to "Cook", which usually entails pushing the "start" button on the microwave, or stirring something in a bowl. She is quite the little helper! More pictures to come. I don't have any pictures of Ella in her Easter dress yet, but I will dress her in full Easter regalia this Sunday so I will take pictures then :)