Friday, July 30, 2010


My brother and sister-in-law just had their baby!!!! YAAAAAAAY!!!! :D

He was born on Friday, July 30th, 2010 at 5:17p.m. He was 6 pounds two ounces and 19.5 inches! His name is Lucas Domingues Henderson (spell check on Domingez?) I haven't talked to Dan and Barbara yet as they have been busy busy, so I'm not sure of all the details... But we are super excited for the family addition!

We are doing a double baby blessing in Utah next Tuesday, so that should be fun :) It will be interesting as our kids all get older how they all get along. Tommy and Lucas are only a couple weeks apart and Ella and Kyle are a year and a half - hopefully Ella doesn't feel too left out being the only girl! She'll just have to be the "boss" of all these little boys! :) Haha!

Speaking of Ella, I have a new "Ella-ism" that she said last night at Disneyland:

Ella: Papa (grandpa), My tummy hurts.
Papa: Your tummy hurts?
Ella: Yeah, I think I need cotton candy.
Papa: Oh really? That will make your tummy feel better.
Ella: Yeah, Cotton candy will make my tummy feel better.

Yeah, sneaky little girl came up with that on her own!

Anyway, our new addition has been fun to have! Little Tommy is a pretty well behaved baby. He sleeps A LOT and nurses really well, too. Even when he is awake, he just kind of looks around until he gets hungry - cries, then goes back to sleep. The past couple nights, though, he has been waking up between 2-3a.m. and being awake for one to two hours and kind of fussy. I think he is gassy or something, so hopefully that goes away sucks being awake in the middle of the night like that!

Tommy's hair is turning red, bytheway....which makes me happy :) I always wanted a little red headed baby! YAY! :D

Oh, also new news (we'll see if it is good news or not! Haha!): we are moving to Chicago in two weeks. We are leaving for Utah this upcoming Sunday and I will be there until Thursday and then will come home with my dad and the kiddos. Tom will be driving to Chicago with his mom and the moving truck. Then he'll be there for a couple days, then Utah again for a couple days, then back to Chicago. Then I'll meet him in Chicago with the babies. Yeah, exhausting I know! Hopefully things go smooth. I'll be traveling alone with two wish me lots of luck and sleeping children! Anyway, pictures to come soon. I know I keep saying that, but I am slacking at uploading my pictures! Sorry!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Funny Ella-isms

So Ella is getting quite the personality and is learning what is funny and what is not. Here are a few Ella-isms that cracked me up!

So we are driving in the car and Ella kept saying, "Mom! Talk to me! Talk to me!" Well, I was trying to have a conversation with Tom and so I said, "Ella! No! Just talk to the wall!" So she goes, "Okay! Hi Wall!" It was SO random and funny we just died laughing!!

Another time, Tom and I were stuck in traffic coming back from L.A. and Ella was tired and hungry and was being super cranky so to help distract her, we asked her to make up a song. We said, "Ella, sing me a song about the cars!" So she says, "Okay! Douchebag cars!!! (in a sing song voice) The end!" It was totally hilarious. Yes, she learned the word "douchebag" from her father while watching soccer and/or talking on the phone with his brothers. We had a little chat about that after we stopped laughing. She has also picked up, "Oh crap!" from me....yeah....we need to be a little more aware of what we say around her :)

She also has a couple new choice phrases. She still has a hard time pronouncing some of her words, so it is hard to understand her sometimes. If you repeat her and you are wrong, she looks at you really seriously and says, "No, look at my lips...." and then repeats herself. It's pretty funny :)

Another new phrase is "Good idea!" She says it all the time! A conversation will go something like this:

Me: Ella, you need to eat all your dinner
Ella: Okay! Good idea!
Me: Do you like your dinner?
Ella: Yeah, of course!

It's totally funny. She is getting quite the personality and has sassy little phrases she picks up.

She is getting a little more defiant, though, which is new and more than a little frustrating. She will do little things, like turn off the lights or something. If we tell her to turn it back on, she says "No" and walks out. Little stinker. Hopefully this is just a phase and a short one at that!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

T-Rex! Our Newest Snugglesaurus!

Well, the big day finally came! :) Thomas Rex Penrose was born on July 9th, 2010 at 3:26p.m. weighing in at 7 pounds 11 ounces and 20.5 inches long. His hair is totally blond and he has enough of it for a small mo-hawk (which he will be frequently sporting). His eyes are bright blue, but I'm not sure if they'll stay like that. He has a little bit of a cone head and a really stocky little upper body! he is quite the husky kid. TOTALLY opposite of Ella! Ella was tall and skinny, he is shorter and chubbier. Tom says "He'll be the perfect defensive lineman!" I told him that just means he'll have a great lung capacity for the baritone sax or tuba ;) Here are some pictures, then I'll tell the whole "day of delivery" story, for those of you who are actually interested. Don't worry - no gory details. Those are yucky ;)

Ella is checking out her new baby brother. She was SOOOO excited to meet him! She calls him "Wiggle Pommy" which translates to Little Tommy. It is super cute. She calls him her baby brother and she is the big sister. She also said he was "too noisy"...but he doesn't really cry. So far she is taking the new baby in stride pretty well, but is a little cranky when she is at home. I think she can just tell something big is going on and it is throwing her off not having me or Tom home with her. Hopefully she isn't feeling too neglected :(

Here she is again! So excited! She keeps wanting to hold him and when anyone else has him she goes up with her hands out and says, "My turn!"

One proud papa! Tom was a little worried the baby was going to be a girl because when we had the first ultrasound the nurse said, "Oh! Ella's going to have a baby sister!" Then after a few little shots she said, "Oh wait! It's a boy! Yep! Look! A boy!" So Tom had been a little worried ever since! Haha! :) But he's a boy alright, and as Homer Simpson put it, "And what a boy!!"

Just after delivery! Mom and Baby are doing great!

Okay, so here is the story (I put the pictures first, so if you don't care about the whole story, you don't have to read it :))

I was supposed to be induced on July 8th because that is the birthday of Tom's grandma, who was the original "Thomas Penrose", so we thought that would be cool if they had the same birthday. So I was supposed to check into the hospital at 7:30a.m., but at 6:00 I got a phone call from the nurses station saying to not come in that it was WAY too crowded with women who went into labor that night and that they didn't have any rooms open. They would call me later that day if I was even going to be induced at all. So, naturally, we were a little disappointed. After a terribly sleepless and anxious night, now nothing was going to happen anyway!

So we waited and waited and finally got a phone call around 12:30 saying, "Yes! Come in at 2:00p.m. Your doctor wants to get this on the road!" Fabulous! So we packed our bags, kissed our kid good bye and was out the door! We checked in and got into the labor and delivery room at 2:30.

I thought it was going to be smooth as butter like when Ella was born, but no. Apparently my body just wasn't ready to give up being pregnant so they had to give me this thing called Cervadil to get my body prepped. It is a 12 hour process....and I didn't even get it until 4:00p.m. So that meant we missed Grandpa's birthday. That was pretty disappointing. My mom kept telling me that normally you don't even get to plan your kids date of birth....but I was still a little disappointed.

Anyway, they originally said they would wake me up at 4:00a.m. (12 hours later) and start the pitocin...but then they changed their mind and said I could sleep in until 8-9a.m. and then they would start it. That was much better :) Even though I didn't sleep very much that night, it was better than having to wake up at 4:00 to go into labor! Ha!

So one very sleepless night later, the nurses come in and get me going on Pitocin. Actually, I had an epidural first (which sucked getting 'cause it hurts like a mother...but is TOTALLY worth!) So epidural first, then Pitocin, then water broken, then the waiting game. After the epidural kicked in and I was feeling very relaxed, we watched some Simpsons and My Big Fat Greek Wedding and then the nurse was like, "Well, let's see how you're doing...Give me a big push....yep...I'll go get the Dr."

I was really surprised she was getting the doctor so soon 'cause with Ella I pushed for a WHILE before the Doc even came in. But I figured she knew what she was doing, so she went and got the Doc.

Four pushes later - POP! Out comes the baby! I'm not kidding. The whole process took thirteen minutes! It was pretty spectacular. The nurses and doctor were laughing at me because after two pushes I said, "This is tiring!" They laughed and started teasing that I had only done two pushes. I had to clarify that I said it was TIRING...not that I was TIRED (But I really was tired! Haha! I'm such a baby :))

So out came little T-Rex! No, we didn't name him Thomas Rex so he could be T-Rex, it just happened to work out like that. Thomas and Rex are both family names and it wasn't till after we decided on the name that someone was like, "Hey! T-Rex!" and we thought it was even more awesome :) So yeah....everything is dinosaur themed....of course. :)

Little Tommy is VERY mellow. He hardly cries AT ALL and it is only when he has burps or is about to load his pants. He eats really well and looooooves to sleep (which is fabulous!)

So far everything has gone super smooth. I am healing up nicely and slept really well last night. All in all things are pretty good! :)

Thank you everyone for all the sweet comments and prayers! I am feelin' the love, for sure!! :D