Friday, July 30, 2010


My brother and sister-in-law just had their baby!!!! YAAAAAAAY!!!! :D

He was born on Friday, July 30th, 2010 at 5:17p.m. He was 6 pounds two ounces and 19.5 inches! His name is Lucas Domingues Henderson (spell check on Domingez?) I haven't talked to Dan and Barbara yet as they have been busy busy, so I'm not sure of all the details... But we are super excited for the family addition!

We are doing a double baby blessing in Utah next Tuesday, so that should be fun :) It will be interesting as our kids all get older how they all get along. Tommy and Lucas are only a couple weeks apart and Ella and Kyle are a year and a half - hopefully Ella doesn't feel too left out being the only girl! She'll just have to be the "boss" of all these little boys! :) Haha!

Speaking of Ella, I have a new "Ella-ism" that she said last night at Disneyland:

Ella: Papa (grandpa), My tummy hurts.
Papa: Your tummy hurts?
Ella: Yeah, I think I need cotton candy.
Papa: Oh really? That will make your tummy feel better.
Ella: Yeah, Cotton candy will make my tummy feel better.

Yeah, sneaky little girl came up with that on her own!

Anyway, our new addition has been fun to have! Little Tommy is a pretty well behaved baby. He sleeps A LOT and nurses really well, too. Even when he is awake, he just kind of looks around until he gets hungry - cries, then goes back to sleep. The past couple nights, though, he has been waking up between 2-3a.m. and being awake for one to two hours and kind of fussy. I think he is gassy or something, so hopefully that goes away sucks being awake in the middle of the night like that!

Tommy's hair is turning red, bytheway....which makes me happy :) I always wanted a little red headed baby! YAY! :D

Oh, also new news (we'll see if it is good news or not! Haha!): we are moving to Chicago in two weeks. We are leaving for Utah this upcoming Sunday and I will be there until Thursday and then will come home with my dad and the kiddos. Tom will be driving to Chicago with his mom and the moving truck. Then he'll be there for a couple days, then Utah again for a couple days, then back to Chicago. Then I'll meet him in Chicago with the babies. Yeah, exhausting I know! Hopefully things go smooth. I'll be traveling alone with two wish me lots of luck and sleeping children! Anyway, pictures to come soon. I know I keep saying that, but I am slacking at uploading my pictures! Sorry!

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