Thursday, January 7, 2010

Crazy Busy!

Well, it seems as if I've fallen off the "Internet Earth" for a while! I deactivated my facebook, didn't check my email for weeks, and didn't post a blog for a month! I'm slacking, I know! But now I'm back! My facebook is activated, my email has been checked about three times just this morning, and I'm posting a blog. I still dont have pictures, though, because my computer doesn't get the internet...soooo again I'm having to use Toms! Don't worry, when my computer starts working completely, there will be an overhaul of pictures! Haha! :) So here is a brief update without pictures.

We flew to Utah on December 14th and was there for a week visiting family and friends. We even had a Vasa smorgesborg (sp??) at Karey's house, which was faaaabulous! Ella got to play with some of her cousins and we got to socialize with some adults! haha! :)

While we were in Utah, we celebrated Tom's birthday by going to The Roof in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building for dinner. YUM. Soooo delicious. They have the best little creme brulees, yum yum. It was nice being able to celebrate with Tom's family. We also spent one of the nights up in Logan with Dana and Joseph and their puppy Claire. Ella loooves the puppy. She follows it around saying, "puppy! puppy!" It was pretty cute :)

Then we flew to Chicago on December 21st. We were there for a little over two weeks staying and Tom's aunt/uncles house. There were a TON of us crammed into one house! There were nine people in just Tom's family, plus the aunt/uncle and their two kids. It was pretty crowded, but manageable. We had a good time, even though we didn't do a whole lot. We saw Sherlock Holmes and the Princess and the Frog (my new Disney favorite. LOVED the music! Such a cute movie. I highly recommend it. Even Ella loved it and would dance to the songs! So cute.) We went down town one day and looked at the windows at Marshall Fields and the big silver bean, then ate at the Water Tower in this cool place called Food Life. All in all, it was a very fun trip! We ate at SOOO many good restaurants! I think I ate almost a hot dog a day! Haha! Love those chicago dogs! :)

For Christmas we just celebrated it with the family. On Christmas Eve, AAALLLL the nearby relatives came over for a big hors duevers (sp?) party and everyone just got the biggest kick out of Ella. She is quite the party stealer. :) She was showing everyone her "tricks" and how to dance. It was pretty cute. Then for New Years we went over to Tom's aunt/uncles and played poker, black jack, and ate some yummy food! Ella even lasted until midnight! We had sparklers and poppers outside, but it was FUH-REEEEEEEEZING!!!! So we were only outside for a few minutes :) Ella liked the sparklers, but not the poppers so much. She kept trying to look really close at the sparklers, though. That was kind of scary. At least we didn't lose an eye or anything! Ha!

So the trip to Chicago was super fun. We ate good food. Had good company. And had a really fun Christmas/New Years. A few downers of Chicago, though: it was SO cold. One night it was 2 degrees. TWO!!!!! I can't even FATHOM two degrees!!! Ooooh was SOOOOO cold!! I texted my dad and he texted back, "I just cleaned the pool. It is 75 degrees. We are going swimming." Yeah, that made me want to cry. Hahaha :) The other downer was all the dogs. Tom's aunt/uncle have two yappy dogs and a big mean cat, plus Dana brought her yappy dog. So there was A LOT of yappy dogs in that little house. Ella liked them, but the cat and one of the dogs is kind of mean so we had to keep her away from them. The kept pulling on her clothes when she would walk and she would say, "No, puppy!" It was pretty cute :)

So now we're back in California living with my parents for a while. It is going to be interesting living with my parents. Haha :) We feel like big losers. Yes, my husband and I are living with my parents, with our toddler daughter. Oh, and I'm pregnant. Ha! Such a losers. :) Oh well. At least we are both going to be working, so we're not COMPLETE drains on society or anything. Haha :) I'll be working at my moms shop and Tom is going to either start up his airplane cleaning business again, or work at the hospital. Trying to earn some serious moolah this year! haha! :) Tom will probably start his clinicals in September, but we're not sure where. So until then, we are just living it up at my parents house! :) So far, its been GREAT!

So that's whats new with us. I'll try and keep this updated better and will put pictures up soon, I promise! I have lots of pictures to post!