Thursday, July 21, 2011


My daughter is hilarious. She says the FUNNIEST things! Here are some conversations:

Ella: (pulling out the Harry Potter DVD from the DVD player) Mom, is this movie scary?
Me: Yeah, it's pretty scary. I don't think you want to watch it.
Ella: Like, it's really scary?
Me: Yeah, it's really scary.
Ella: Like really, really, really, really, really scary?!
Me: Yes! It's really scary!
Ella: Like FIVE really's?!!?
Me: *laughing!* yes!
Ella: Woah...that's really scary.

Me: Ella, what do you do in the temple?
Ella: You get married.
Me: Do you want to get married?
Ella: *laughing* no! Not now, mom!
Me: Well, not now, but later?
Ella: Yeah. When I'm big, big, big then I'll get married
Me: Who are you going to marry?
Ella: Kyle.
Me: Ella, you can't marry your cousins.
Ella: Why not?
Me: Because you just can't. Who else do you want to marry?
Ella: June?
Me: Um...we'll talk about that later.

Ella: *drinking hot chocolate* oh sh**!
Me: What did you say Ella?
Ella: I spilled my hot chocolate! Oh sh**!
Me: Where did you learn that word Ella?
Ella: From dad.
Me: *Looking at Tom...he shakes his head no* Ella...who else did you hear that word from?
Ella: From my friends.
Me: Well, that is a NAUGHTY word. We do NOT say that word.
Ella: But dad does!
Me: *giving a look to Tom...* Ella, I don't care what dad or your friends say - little girls do NOT say that word.
Ella: *big sigh* Okay, okay. How about 'whoopsiedaisies?'
Me: Yes, that is okay to say.
Ella: Okay. Whoopsiedasies! I spilled my hot chocolate!

Ella: I don't like Boots! (From Dora)
*watching Dora on t.v....*
Boots: Can you help Dora?

*watching Dora again...on she's seen in a couple times now*
Dora: What flavor of ice cream do you like??
Ella: I already told you! Pink!
Dora: That sounds yummy!
Ella: You said that already!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My baby is almost one!

Tommy turns one on Saturday. I am posting his birthday post now, in case things get crazy this weekend and I don't have a chance to post!

A few fun facts about my baby:
Weight: 19 pounds.
Height: 29 inches.
Eye color: blue/gray
Hair color: BLOND
Teeth: eight
Favorite foods: yes. Meaning everything. Except Kraft mac n cheese? Go figure!
Naps: 10a.m.-noon and 3-5p.m.
Favorite toy: little kitty keyboard
Favorite time of day: bath time
Walking? Nope.
Talking? Nope. He says "tickle tickle" and "mama" and "hi"...but I'm not sure he knows what they mean?
Crawling: Like crazy.
Least favorite activity? Holding still.
Birthday party theme? Dinosaurs! After all - he is our little T-Rex :)

Enjoy LOTS of pictures of him...he is seriously the HAPPIEST baby EVER. He is either smiling, or sleeping. Seriously...

These pictures are in no particular order, FYI.

Driving a car...
Up in Oakley horse back riding...

Waiting to be born...

Being a little nerd :)

Sleeping after horse back is exhausting - obviously!

Playing with mom in the grass!


Future football star? Definitely not. Our kids are NOT playing football. Tom has finally been convinced of this as well because of all the injuries teenagers are getting and they are finding that it has lasting, horrible effects when they get older! So yep...our kids can just play baseball or something other than football. :)

Playing with big sister!

(Most recent picture) Fourth of July hike up the Tetons! This kid LOVES being outside!

Three month old Tommy :) He actually has is just SO white it matches his albino ghost-like skin! haha!


2.5 Month old Tommy just learning how to hold his head up!

Four month old Tommy...such a sweetie :)

Happy Halloween!!! He was a football...courtesy of Dad, of course. I would have dressed him up like a dinosaur...or maybe a little monster or something :)

I seriously love this kid. Ella loves him, too, even though sometimes she picks fights with him. Not sure what that is all about...but ya know, siblings fight I guess. :) Every time he wakes up from a nap or in the morning, Ella gets SO excited and he starts jumping up and down when she walks in the room! These kids are so stinkin' cute. Seriously...have you ever seen such a cute toe-head! (spelling on toe-head?)

p.s. I looked up what "toe head" actually means: apparently way back when, they used to call this type of flax "taux" (pronounced toe). So it means that the kid has hair the color of this really light flax stuff. Hence....toe-head. Interesting...