Thursday, July 21, 2011


My daughter is hilarious. She says the FUNNIEST things! Here are some conversations:

Ella: (pulling out the Harry Potter DVD from the DVD player) Mom, is this movie scary?
Me: Yeah, it's pretty scary. I don't think you want to watch it.
Ella: Like, it's really scary?
Me: Yeah, it's really scary.
Ella: Like really, really, really, really, really scary?!
Me: Yes! It's really scary!
Ella: Like FIVE really's?!!?
Me: *laughing!* yes!
Ella: Woah...that's really scary.

Me: Ella, what do you do in the temple?
Ella: You get married.
Me: Do you want to get married?
Ella: *laughing* no! Not now, mom!
Me: Well, not now, but later?
Ella: Yeah. When I'm big, big, big then I'll get married
Me: Who are you going to marry?
Ella: Kyle.
Me: Ella, you can't marry your cousins.
Ella: Why not?
Me: Because you just can't. Who else do you want to marry?
Ella: June?
Me: Um...we'll talk about that later.

Ella: *drinking hot chocolate* oh sh**!
Me: What did you say Ella?
Ella: I spilled my hot chocolate! Oh sh**!
Me: Where did you learn that word Ella?
Ella: From dad.
Me: *Looking at Tom...he shakes his head no* Ella...who else did you hear that word from?
Ella: From my friends.
Me: Well, that is a NAUGHTY word. We do NOT say that word.
Ella: But dad does!
Me: *giving a look to Tom...* Ella, I don't care what dad or your friends say - little girls do NOT say that word.
Ella: *big sigh* Okay, okay. How about 'whoopsiedaisies?'
Me: Yes, that is okay to say.
Ella: Okay. Whoopsiedasies! I spilled my hot chocolate!

Ella: I don't like Boots! (From Dora)
*watching Dora on t.v....*
Boots: Can you help Dora?

*watching Dora again...on she's seen in a couple times now*
Dora: What flavor of ice cream do you like??
Ella: I already told you! Pink!
Dora: That sounds yummy!
Ella: You said that already!


Angie said...

hahahahaha I love her. Whoopsidasies! hahahaha

Sarah said...

Ha! Curren totally talks to Dora too!

Brittanie said...

she is so funny! Abby says a lot of things like this too!