Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Broken Arm Post

Okay, I promised pictures of the whole "Arm Breaking" episode. Sooo - here we go! :)

Ella has her old cast on..it was just a simple splint with an ace bandage around it.

Sad face....until she saw the BRIGHT PINK cast she was going to get...

Here she is being a REALLY good girl for the dr.! She didn't whine, cry, fuss, nothing! She just sat there and did everything he asked. Such a good girl!

Oooooooooo - look at that pink cast!!!!
So excited! :) She was a trooper with her cast. She only told me once that she didn't really like it. She is right handed, too, so she was having to do everything with her left hand for three weeks! She became quite ambidextrous :) When we went to get her cast off - she didn't whine or cry either! That machine is a little scary and super loud, too. The nurses and doctors were impressed. Ella told them that she was "one tough cookie!" I agree... :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

New Stage of Parenting...

Yes, we have reached a new stage in parenting.


I'm not sure how I feel about this new stage. There are definite pros and cons....let's list some of them:

- Ella is learning how to get along with others
- Ella plays outside A LOT, which I feel is healthy both physically and mentally
- Ella is learning how to share and play
- Mom gets a lot of quiet time when Tommy is napping and Ella is outside playing
- Ella learns a lot about nature and the world around her (right now it is the wonderment of baby ducks and geese, although the geese are MEAN....but she's learning that, too)

- Tattle-telling. It is driving me crazy. And it comes from both the friends...and Ella. Holy crap.
- The constant door knocking, doorbell ringing, AAAALLLL day. We live below them, so every time they walk up or down the stairs, each of them has to ring the door bell...separately. It drives me crazy.
- The potty words Ella is picking up. I am VERY firm with the kids when they are in my apartment that they can't use words like, "poop" or "butt" unless referring to that exact thing, but when they are outside, I can't do much!
- The dirt. Ella is filthy when she comes inside and goes through a couple different outfits a day. I guess this is normal??

So yeah. Just a thought on this new stage of parenting....it is hard to know what I can and can't say to other people's kids, too. Like, I don't want to be bossy or overstep my bounds when their parents say they can do something, but I say they can't. When they are in my house, though...it is my rules. So that's good. It's just when they are outside that is tricky.

Anyway, anyone else have any thoughts or experiences on this stage?

Monday, May 9, 2011

Kids Say the Darndest things...

Okay, these have got to be my favorite posts, just because every time I read them - they crack me up! So, here are a few...

While driving to pick up Tom from work, Ella shouted:
"Mom! That truck doesn't have a head on it!"
Me: *confused* what?
She saw a big semi trailer without the cab on it. :) Pretty funny...

Ella: Mom, "dammit" is a naughty word.
Me: Yeah, don't say that
Ella: I didn't!
Me: You just did, Ella.
Ella: No, I didn't! I was just telling you!

Ella: Mom, you're the best!
Me: Well, thanks Ella!
Ella: Haha! Just teasing!

Caption for above picture: "Dad! We are just being scary animals! ROAR!!!"

Ella and I had planted some lettuce seeds in a little plastic cup. They were growing pretty well until:
Ella: Mom, come look!
Me: What?
Ella: I died your plants, mom.
Me: You what??
Ella: Look! *Shows me the little green sprouts all over the kitchen floor* I died them, Mom. I just wanted to
Me: Why did you do that?? That makes me so sad! Now they are dead, we have to throw them away
Ella: I just wanted to die them mom...

Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Ella: I'm gonna be a boy and go to work.
Me: You have to be a boy to go to work?
Ella: Yep.
Me: How are you going to be a boy?
Ella: Well, you go in the shower and use dads soap!
Me: And that turns you into a boy?
Ella: Yep!
Sounds like solid logic to me. Better not get that soap mixed up... :) Haha!

After putting Tommy's hair in a mohawk for the first time:
Tommy: *crying*
Ella: Mom, he is crying because he doesn't like his hair.
Me: Ella, I'm pretty sure he doesn't mind his hair
Ella: No mom...he doesn't like it. Look, he's crying.
Me: Do you like his hair?
Ella: No. I don't.

After cutting my hair short
Ella: What did you do to your hair??
Me: I cut it.
Ella: I don't like it.
Me: You don't???
Ella: No, I think its stupid
Me: Ella, that makes me sad.
Ella: Well, I just don't like it.

After renting The Swan Princess (which I had forgotten how stupid of a movie that was...we will not be checking that out from the library again...)
Ella: I want to watch the Princess Goose!

She is so funny :) She is getting quite the attitude and spends a lot of time in time out lately because of back talking, sticking her tongue out, and even kicking. It is funny to watch her be defiant because you can see an obvious internal battle happening in her mind. She wants to stick her tongue out so bad....but she isn't quite sure she wants to go through with it....then she does...then she doesn't....then she does...and goes into time out. It's pretty funny. I would say the hardest part about disciplining is trying not to laugh out loud! Haha! Love this kid...

A blurb about Tommy: He is getting SO big! He is already in the same size diapers that Ella was right before she was potty trained! This kid is a chunk. I love it. He has so many dimples on his face and just eats and eats and eats! He is still on two naps a day, even though he is ten months old. It is good and bad: good because it gives me four hours of just Ella during the day, but bad because it is hard to do anything during the day because he's either sleeping - or cranky. Oh well, I'm not complaining. When he isn't sleeping, eating, or pooping, he is one happy kid! He pulls himself up onto everything and walks around the apartment holding onto things. He and Ella generally get along, but sometimes she gets rough with him and that leads to a bonked head/face and tears. But he recovers quickly. His favorite foods are raviolis and popsicles. He does NOT like macaroni and cheese (go figure! It's Ella's favorite!) He can eat almost a whole can of ravioli by himself, and whenever we go out anywhere with both kids, he finishes up whatever Ella doesn't eat. It's pretty convenient :)

His hair is still SUPER blond and doesn't seem to be getting any thicker. We like to do it in a mohawk, though, which is pretty long. I dig it. :) His eyes are VERY blue. He looks so different than Ella, but so much the same. Its kinda funny. I have a feeling he will be walking pretty soon, so that is exciting. Love this kid.