Saturday, May 14, 2011

New Stage of Parenting...

Yes, we have reached a new stage in parenting.


I'm not sure how I feel about this new stage. There are definite pros and cons....let's list some of them:

- Ella is learning how to get along with others
- Ella plays outside A LOT, which I feel is healthy both physically and mentally
- Ella is learning how to share and play
- Mom gets a lot of quiet time when Tommy is napping and Ella is outside playing
- Ella learns a lot about nature and the world around her (right now it is the wonderment of baby ducks and geese, although the geese are MEAN....but she's learning that, too)

- Tattle-telling. It is driving me crazy. And it comes from both the friends...and Ella. Holy crap.
- The constant door knocking, doorbell ringing, AAAALLLL day. We live below them, so every time they walk up or down the stairs, each of them has to ring the door bell...separately. It drives me crazy.
- The potty words Ella is picking up. I am VERY firm with the kids when they are in my apartment that they can't use words like, "poop" or "butt" unless referring to that exact thing, but when they are outside, I can't do much!
- The dirt. Ella is filthy when she comes inside and goes through a couple different outfits a day. I guess this is normal??

So yeah. Just a thought on this new stage of is hard to know what I can and can't say to other people's kids, too. Like, I don't want to be bossy or overstep my bounds when their parents say they can do something, but I say they can't. When they are in my house, is my rules. So that's good. It's just when they are outside that is tricky.

Anyway, anyone else have any thoughts or experiences on this stage?


Andrea Tao said...

Totally agree. The little friends are great but sometimes very annoying. The fighting will last a while, just so you know, my almost 6 year old still has little tiffs with her frineds. When I get tired of the other kids being here I just say it time for quiet time and send them home. When they don't behaive or use bad words I say "in my house we don't do that, maybe your mommy lets you do that but in my hosue we don't" and that usually scares them into not doing it. :)You are the boss. And try putting a sign on your doorbell that says "sleeping baby" and hopefully thier parents will see it?? That woud drive me crazy!!

anushka said...

pick and choose your kid's friends wisely. be selective. and it really is a bonus when you and the parents of the other child agree on parenting.