Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Broken Arm Post

Okay, I promised pictures of the whole "Arm Breaking" episode. Sooo - here we go! :)

Ella has her old cast on..it was just a simple splint with an ace bandage around it.

Sad face....until she saw the BRIGHT PINK cast she was going to get...

Here she is being a REALLY good girl for the dr.! She didn't whine, cry, fuss, nothing! She just sat there and did everything he asked. Such a good girl!

Oooooooooo - look at that pink cast!!!!
So excited! :) She was a trooper with her cast. She only told me once that she didn't really like it. She is right handed, too, so she was having to do everything with her left hand for three weeks! She became quite ambidextrous :) When we went to get her cast off - she didn't whine or cry either! That machine is a little scary and super loud, too. The nurses and doctors were impressed. Ella told them that she was "one tough cookie!" I agree... :)

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