Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Kids + Animals = Fun

I should clarify the title of this post:

My Kids + Not my animals = Fun :)

I have decided that pets are NOT in our near future. Not only because they aren't allowed in our complex, but because I am decidedly NOT an animal lover. Don't even get me started on how I feel when people treat their animals like people.'s quite the soap box :) ha!

Anyway! Here are two days full of animal fun! :)

Tommy LOVES stroller rides! So, he rode in his stroller while Ella walked, er, ran around Wheeler Farm. Wheeler Farm is a local farm/park/business that is a fully functional and profitable farm that kids can wander through. It is completely free, too, unless you want to milk a cow or ride a tractor. We went to Wheeler Farm with our little church play group. (Our play group gets together once a week and usually just plays in the nursery room of the church, but since it is getting warmer, we are trekking outdoors to do some other activities. I think our next trip is to the zoo! Should be fun!)
Ella thought the chickens were super funny! She kept telling me that they said "Neeeiiiiggghh!" until she heard a rooster call. Then she said all the animals said, "cockadoodle doo!" It was pretty funny.
They had this two storied play house that the kids could play in. It's more like a glorified chicken coop, but the kids thought it was cool. It was SUPER crowded in there and all the parents were joking about just locking the door and leaving them in there! Haha! Yes, that's why it looks like a jail :) Who knew a farm was so parent-friendly??? Haha!
Ella and Tommy had a great day and the weather stayed really nice. The first sunny day in WEEKS! I'm pretty sure it rained later that afternoon, but at least it was pretty in the morning :)
Here is Aunt Jacquelyn with Tommy up in Oakley! Our super good friends Channon and Carly live up there with Carly's parents right now. Carly's parents have a bunch of horses, so we went up for Memorial Day and went horse back riding! Of course, right after we got up there it started sleet/snowing. But we were determined to ride those horses! Soooo, after taking over 20 minutes to get the kids all bundled up, we adventured into the freezing cold and went riding! Tommy ended up looking like the little brother on Christmas Story - yeah, the one that can't lower his arms. Tommy got a kick out of it though :)
Obviously :)
Here is Ella and Daddy! It's a good thing Daddy is a trooper/horse lover! I'm pretty scared of them after being knocked off on two separate occasions. So I was happy to walk along side the horses while Dad took turns riding them around. Ella thought that this particular horse went a little too fast and was happier when we rode later and she was on a slower horse. Silly girl :)
Tommy liked the feisty horse though! Every time it would trot or shake its head Tommy would laugh and laugh! It was adorable, to say the least :)

We rode for about 30 minutes the first time before Ella and the adults started freezing to death (not Tommy, he was still laughing...that kid...) so we went inside, ate delicious chicken shishkabobs and orzo salad (Thank you Carly! SOO yummy!!). After eating, the sky cleared up and it was BEAUTIFUL! Sooooo, we of course went out riding again!

This time I actually got on a horse, too. I rode with Ella on the slow horse and Tommy and Dad rode the fast horse. It was fun :) I like walking...on a slow horse. Me and Ella will just be riding pals I guess :)

After riding for about an hour and walking around for a while, too, I noticed Tommy was getting really sleepy. So we hopped off the horses and Tom carried him back to the house. By the time we got there, he was ZONKED out! We still had to put away all the horse stuff, so we laid Tommy down...

on the trampoline :) So he slept there for a while....
...completely oblivious to everything around him. It was so cute. :) So we took him back inside and he ended up sleeping for a couple hours while we played Cranium (girls vs. boys...I don't think it takes a genius to figure out who won....GIRLS RULE!) and then Apples to Apples...which I ended up winning! Yay for me! :)

Needless to say, it was a VERY fun Memorial Day! Two thumbs up for friends, food, fun, and horse back riding :)

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