Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Okay, what my readers (whoever you are!) need to realize is that U2 is my number one, very favoritest, most loved band E-V-E-R. Let me give you a few reasons why:

1. Lake Powell. How does U2 and Lake Powell relate? Well, I think heaven is a mixture of Lake Powell and Disneyland. Whenever I hear U2 play, I immediately am taken to Lake Powell in my mind: I'm lounging on a couch in our houseboat, listening to the waves lap against the side of the boat, while Mom is making some delicious dinner - probably tri tip and potato salad - while I'm reading a fabulously good book. It is 100 degrees, but I'm cool because I just got out of the 80 degree water and am drip drying. It is quiet and peaceful because there is no cell phone reception, we are in the middle of a desert canyon surrounded by water, and the kids are playing on the beach with one of their aunts or uncles. I am in heaven...and its soundtrack is U2.

2. My brother. U2 is also my brothers favorite band, so of course growing up I wanted to be JUST like him - because my brother is AWESOME. Sooooo, I said I liked U2, too. At first it was just because he liked it. But soon it grew into a deep appreciation of their music. So, not only does U2 take me on vacation (Lake Powell), it surrounds me with family - my brother, specifically.

3. Musically. Their music is outstanding, on a theoretical musical level. Their lyrics are intense and inspired. Their playing ability is faaaaabulous. And, they're just as good live as they are recorded - which is not something bands today can all say.

4. Bono. Yes, the concert was preachier than I thought it was going to be...but what can you expect from a frontman who seriously believes in changing the world one concert at a time. I respect his positions on human rights and equality. I love how he stands up for what he believes in, but at the same time doesn't try to prove anyone else wrong in the process. Most people who are staunch believers in something have a tendency to try to prove the other side wrong. Bono doesn't. He says what he feels and that's it. Plus, who can disagree with someone who donates MILLIONS, probably billions, of dollars to human rights foundations all in the hopes of bettering the world...

So Tom and I were actually supposed to see this concert last summer in Anaheim, but due to Bono having back surgery, they postponed the tour. Well, that created a little pickle because now we had tickets for the show in Anaheim, but aren't living in California anymore! So thank you to the people of ticketmaster who switched the tickets to the concert in Salt Lake :) yay! Also, since we were seeing it in Salt Lake, it is a smaller venue and we got better tickets for the same price! Yay! :) We had general admission tickets. I know that sounds a little scary, and I was a little worried because I am 5'4". That means that when I am in a crowd, I can't see what everyone else does. I see the back of peoples heads and shoulders. But, I was determined to get a good viewing position so Tom and I got there an hour early! We rode our scooter up, too, which meant awesome parking! haha! :) Yay for scooters!

This concert tour is called their "360 Tour" which translates into a "Number One Hits" concert. It was AWESOME. I literally knew every word to every song they sang! They played all their number one hits from every album! It was so epic. That is the best word to describe. Not only was the song choice spectacular, but the actual show was really cool! Their stage was awesome and the lighting was, too. We ended up getting FABULOUS standing positions that were about three people back from the outer walkway. We were SO close! I could have thrown a shoe and hit Bono or the Edge! haha! I didn't, of course...but I could have, we were that close! And, it happened to work out that I was standing behind mostly girls, which means they were about my height! So I wasn't stuck behind some 6'1" guy or the people who were standing behind Tom were! Haha! I always thought they should sell tickets based on height, that way everyone could see. Of course, that means I couldn't stand next to Tom.... oh well :) haha!

So here are some video clips from the concert :)


Before we left for the concert, my dad (who so WONDERFULLY volunteered to watch the babies) wondered how many semis it took to transport all their stuff. So we took this video for him. It's kind of hard to tell, but there were rows and rows of semis! It was CRAZY!

So that concert was probably the most epic concert I will ever go to in my entire life. I have two big thank you's to shout out to those who made it possible! I honestly thought I never would get to see U2 because their concerts are always SO expensive, sell out too fast, or they would stop touring before I could actually afford to go!

Thank you to Tom for buying the tickets for me :) Best anniversary present ever, even if we had to use them a year and a half past when we thought we would.

Thank you to my Dad who came up for my birthday and volunteered to watch the kids! He fed them dinner and put them to bed and everything. It made the concert so much more enjoyable because I didn't have to worry about the kids AT ALL. I knew he had everything under control. :) thanks dad!!!!

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Anelieze + Franco Castrejon said...

so cool! i love u2. it's like they're never going to get out of style.