Saturday, May 4, 2013

Who Cares?

Who really reads a blog? I've decided that blogs are kind of funny. Are blogs totally pointless? Oh yes. Are they simply a way to advertise the fact that you are talking about yourself? Yep. Will I continue reading peoples? Yes. Am I going to hopefully keep mine updated, too? Yep. Why? WHY NOT - is the question! Ha! So ridiculous...As if I didn't have other things to do...and as if you didn't have other things to do either besides read my simple, self serving, day-to-day commentary. Haha :)

 Oh, here is an adorable picture of my babies. Why? Because they are mine and I love them.

Here's one of Tommy doing his "crazy" face with his hair after I blow dried it. Hehe :) Such volume. 

 Babies love swings...even if they have to share. Why can't they be this happy about sharing all the time?!

Ella and I on a ferris wheel. Seriously - so adorable. My kids are cuter than yours. Why? Because this is my blog and I can say that without anyone arguing with me...and if you do argue in the comments...."DELETE"  - no more arguing. Haha! The power of a blog! 

Oh hi! It's Tom and me! I can't remember when this is from or where we were...and now you get to see me in my librarian glasses. Don't I look like an intellectual?

Anyway, since this is my blog and I don't care who reads it, or who doesn't - here are my top ten recent observations:

1. Sacrament meeting at 3:00p.m. after two hours of church already is a TERRIBLE idea. The kids are cranky, hungry, bored, and sick of being at church. Do I want to slit my wrists after an hour of sacrament meeting from 3-4? Yes. What is the only thing keeping me from doing that? I don't keep razor blades in my purse for fear of the children getting them. 3-4p.m. on Sundays is seriously the longest hour of the week. When the clock finally strikes four: in the words of Lisa Simpson "Finally! It's the longest time until more church!"

2. I don't get paid enough. I work my butt off in a department where the customers are as high maintenance as a beauty pageant contestant and as hard to please as a bride on a budget. Everyone wants something for nothing, no one understands how things actually work, and after I make a sale, I spend the rest of the day wondering if they are going to return it because my customers are just like that. Yes I make commission, but it is well deserved after dealing with the type of customers I deal with. I've decided that there are A LOT of things about my current job that are super frustrating. If I was in charge, I would do things differently...

3. Project Runway Season 11 is over and that makes me sad. I'm glad Michelle won - she was my favorite from the beginning. Now I don't have anything to look forward to on a Thursday night, though. Sad day.

4. Pennies are dumb. People really should just round up or down and it would all kind of work out. Of course, Ella thinks pennies are "gold dubloons" so I suppose there is some sort of purpose for them. Ella collects pennies, puts them in her piggy bank and says she is saving up to buy a pony. I told her it would take several million pennies...I don't think she grasps that concept.

5. I love my iPhone. My iPhone is like a best friend that never lets me down...except when the GPS gives me the wrong address (Why Google Maps?! WHY!?).

6. My kids are brilliant. Yes, they really are. My two and a half year old son potty trained himself in two days. Brilliant. My five and a half year old daughter has better reasoning skills than most of the adult customers I deal with at work. Often times when we are trying to punish Ella for something, she can usually out reason us and therefore make us think twice about what we are really punishing her for. Also, both my kids have amazing senses of humor. Tommy understands what it means to "tease" and he is TWO! Ella will crack jokes and come up with the funniest things: example:

*while talking to Tom on the phone*
Ella: dad, I've been a really big help! *whispering to me* don't tell him I haven't been. I'm just saying that...

 Tommy: *while sitting in a suitcase* hi mom! I'm going on a trip!
Me: oh yeah? Where are you going?
Tommy: on a trip!
Me: but where to?
Tommy: to Trip!

My kids are awesome...and I don't really like kids. Just mine. They are the best. 

7.  Hockey playoffs! What? You don't watch hockey? should. What's that? You say you don't like hockey? are wrong. Hockey is the best. I am married to an AVID sports lover. I've seen them all. Basketball, football, tennis, golf, baseball, etc. Watching them on t.v., or live...doesn't make a difference. They are all boring. I especially hate football. Don't even get me started on how stupid and ridiculous and BORING football is. But hockey *insert heavenly angels* is AWESOME. The speed. The chance that at any moment they might score. The blood. The attractive players (I'm looking at you Patrick Sharp) and favorite player: Marion Hossa a Ginger from Czech Republic. Mmmm....tasty tasty players. Of course, rugby players are good too...but hockey is happening right now. So far, the Blackhawks are 2-0 in the series. Who are the Blackhawks you ask? Seriously it if you don' tknow. I'm not even going to dignify that with a response. We even had someone ask if that was a baseball team. *sigh* Excuse me while I slam my head against a wall. Hockey's new slogan should be: Hockey - the only sport Laura can tolerate. Haha!

8. It's finally spring! YAAAAAAAY!!!! Enough of close-toed shoes! No more sweaters! No more freezing walks to the car and waiting for the car to heat up! No more SNOW! Yaaaaay!!! Of course, the weather in Utah is extremely bipolar, so who knows - it might snow tomorrow, but right now the forecast is looking warm and sunny with more on the horizon! Hip hip hooray!!!! :) Now all I need is a beach, a good book, and an ice cold Dr. Pepper to keep me satisfied. *siiiiigh*

9. Speaking of the beach - we are going to California in two weeks!! *insert celebratory dance!* Tom is graduating with his MBA from Cal Lutheran so we are going down for the graduation ceremony. I am SOOOOOO excited! I can't wait to smell the ocean air, feel the humidity and let my hair embrace the fro that it is, and eat In n Out at the beach, stop by the local farmers booths and buy some fresh strawberries - that is happiness. I'm not sure what our itinerary will entail, but does it really matter?? I get to go home :) Yaaaay! The babies are excited, too with Ella exclaiming "Mom! We should just live at Papa's house! They have everything and its never cold!" Amen, child....amen. 

10. I'm terrible at writing a blog. Yeah, I did really well keeping updated for the first two years while we were on the island. I figured that since we were so far away, that it was a good way to keep people updated on us without having to make a million phone calls (which I hate talking on the phone anyway...), but since returning from the island its more like, "meh..." But since Tom started his hockey blog, I want to start keeping mine up to date. Not a lot of things happen in our lives that are exciting right now, but I do have a lot of opinions, so I figure my blog is a good enough place as any to share them. Ha! :)

Anyway, that's all for now. I have to go to work. I am working on a couple big sale deals that hopefully will go through - that way I can continue to clothe and feed my family :) ha! Wish me luck and good selling vibes!