Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Broken baby!

This is going to be a short post without any pictures because, frankly, I'm exhausted. I still have to fold the laundry, do the dishes, and straighten up the apartment and have no motivation to do any of that. So I am blogging instead - but only briefly to tell of our adventures today.

Our adventure today actually started Saturday afternoon. Ella was climbing up on our dresser (her new favorite past time...) and totally fell off. She said she hurt her arm, but my motto is "no blood - you're okay" and after a while she stopped whining, so we figured that was that. Well, the rest of the day she didn't use it at all. Sunday was the same deal - she wouldn't use it and she wouldn't let us touch it. I started to get suspicious....

Monday, the babies and I went to the Childrens Museum with Barbara and her babies. I wrapped Ella's arm in an ace bandage 'cause Tom and I figured it was probably sprained, so she should move it as little as possible. She did NOT like the bandage...but too bad for her. So she had to wear it and didn't use it AT ALL. I mean...to the point that she wouldn't even LIFT it all day! That's when I started to worry. So I told Tom that if it still hurt really bad in the morning, I was taking her in. He agreed.

Well, last night Ella finally let me kind of touch her wrist. We played the "does it hurt here?" game for a few minutes and she thought it was all fun and games until I tried to rotate her wrist slowly. That's when she JUMPED, cried, and said the game was over. Poor thing :(

Sooooooo, this morning we had an appointment at 10:40 to go see a doc. He checked her out and ordered us x-rays. Well, because of our insurance, we couldn't go to the hospital x-ray place right next door, we had to drive a couple miles instead. It was fine, except I parked in the wrong parking lot (I wish they labeled where EVERYWHERE was in a hospital, instead of just the big ones - Emergency Room, Women's Pavillion, etc. even though I know the signs would be ginormous...) So I had Tommy in a carrier (which he is getting REALLY heavy now) and Ella trailing behind as we walked about a bajillion miles through the hospital to the right location: Radiology. We sat down and surprisingly only had to wait like five minutes until they saw us (AWESOME!) So we all went into the x-ray room.

Inserting shout out to the Disney Channel: Thank you to Bubble Guppies for explaining what an x-ray is only a few days ago! It was VERY helpful having that as a reference for Ella! :D Ha!

Anyway, after explaining that the Dr. is taking a special picture of her bones with this HUGE camera and we get to play dress up at the same time (the radiation shield and stuff), he took all the x-rays. It took a while 'cause I think he was new. But Ella was a TROOPER! She didn't cry, whimper, whine, NOTHING! She sat super still like a big girl and did exactly what he told her! Meanwhile, Tommy is in the tech room crying because it is lunch/nap time....poor Tommy!

So that was that. Then we went and picked up Dad for lunch 'cause Ella needed some dad-lovin'. She chose "Old McDonalds" for lunch and ate almost all her cheeseburger - Tommy ate the rest. Then we went home to rest. By now it was after 2:30. The doctor called us about an hour later saying "yep! Ella has a fracture". I only talked to the nurse, so I don't know how bad the fracture is or anything. But we have an appointment to get a cast on Friday. Not excited for that.

I explained to Ella that in a couple days she gets a special BIG bandaid like her splint...but it doesn't come off - she wasn't excited for that. But then I told her she could pick ANY color - yep even pink...or purple. AND we get to color on it and we'll write her name with hearts and stars. She was pretty excited about that. Little does she know.... :( Poor baby!

So that is why I am tired. It may not sound like that tiring of a day, but on top of that I was being a good wife and dug out Tom's snow skis and boots from our storage unit (which is a little like finding a needle in a really heavy haystack) and then went to D.I. to try to find some snow pants to no avail. Tom's cute butt is just too big ;)

Tom got invited to go snowboarding tonight and since he hardly gets invited to anything by his buddies - I URGED him to go! So he is night skiing with his friends :) Which makes me happy.

So it is 8:30p.m. I have one child asleep. And another that has been in bed for an hour and is still wide awake singing and telling herself stories. It's a good thing Tommy is becoming such a heavy sleeper :) I have dishes to finish and laundry to fold. Something tells me that it going to be a Wednesday activity instead of a Tuesday activity.

Oh, and if anyone wants to bring me a Sonic watermelon limeade - that would be awesome. I'm sure Ella wouldn't mind some more popsicles, too, while you're at it ;)