Saturday, July 17, 2010

Funny Ella-isms

So Ella is getting quite the personality and is learning what is funny and what is not. Here are a few Ella-isms that cracked me up!

So we are driving in the car and Ella kept saying, "Mom! Talk to me! Talk to me!" Well, I was trying to have a conversation with Tom and so I said, "Ella! No! Just talk to the wall!" So she goes, "Okay! Hi Wall!" It was SO random and funny we just died laughing!!

Another time, Tom and I were stuck in traffic coming back from L.A. and Ella was tired and hungry and was being super cranky so to help distract her, we asked her to make up a song. We said, "Ella, sing me a song about the cars!" So she says, "Okay! Douchebag cars!!! (in a sing song voice) The end!" It was totally hilarious. Yes, she learned the word "douchebag" from her father while watching soccer and/or talking on the phone with his brothers. We had a little chat about that after we stopped laughing. She has also picked up, "Oh crap!" from me....yeah....we need to be a little more aware of what we say around her :)

She also has a couple new choice phrases. She still has a hard time pronouncing some of her words, so it is hard to understand her sometimes. If you repeat her and you are wrong, she looks at you really seriously and says, "No, look at my lips...." and then repeats herself. It's pretty funny :)

Another new phrase is "Good idea!" She says it all the time! A conversation will go something like this:

Me: Ella, you need to eat all your dinner
Ella: Okay! Good idea!
Me: Do you like your dinner?
Ella: Yeah, of course!

It's totally funny. She is getting quite the personality and has sassy little phrases she picks up.

She is getting a little more defiant, though, which is new and more than a little frustrating. She will do little things, like turn off the lights or something. If we tell her to turn it back on, she says "No" and walks out. Little stinker. Hopefully this is just a phase and a short one at that!

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Shaun said...

david's thing is right after you tell him the plan for the day he'll say:
"hey dad, i have a good idea, let's (repeat plan)"
"that's a great idea huh!"