Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Blurb about Motherhood

This is to all you mothers out there....I need you to tell me if anyone else goes through this! Hahaha!! :)

For the past month or so, Ella hasn't been eating well. She was averaging about 1.5 meals a day. She is already stick skinny, so I was getting a little worried. Then she discovered how much she likes Macaroni and Cheese.

I give her macaroni and cheese for breakfast....I've been giving it to her for four days in a row. She eats A LOT of it. This morning she had a thing of applesauce, two full starfruits, and a bowl of macaroni. Yesterday she had a bowl of macaroni and applesauce again. The day before, she had a bowl of macaroni and a bowl of fruit cocktail.

For lunch, I usually try to give her chicken nuggets or something...but she only eats them now if I give her macaroni and cheese, too. Dinner is the same.

Now, I know it is bad to just give her what she wants all the time, but she is eating so much now! What are your thoughts on me giving her macaroni until she starts eating enough again?? I was worried she was going to lose more weight, but if she keeps this up...she may just get into the average percentile!

Thoughts anyone? Macaroni and cheese is sort of healthy, right? Milk....butter....wheat....powdered cheese?


Dan and Barbara said...

I've heard that once they start walking its like watch out world...haha.
Sorry, i have no advice for you about Ella not eating, my baby eats a lot... I think though its just a phase. She will probably eat better once you guys get back to the states. :)

The Taos said...

I buy the V8 Fusion drinks that have fruit and vegetable juice in them, the kids have no idea that its healthy for them. And its 100% juice so its good. I give that to them when I feel like they are being picky eaters, at least they are getting some nutrients when all they want is Macaroni, or in our case, cup of noodles.

Jay & Tammi Roberts said...

Dylan is kind of going through the same thing, and I am getting a bit worried because he is a little twiglet! If she is eating it, I would say go for it, but don't let her get in the habit of only eating that! Andrea's V8 idea is pretty good...every kid loves juice right? Hey, you're going to be in SLC over Christmas right? Jay and I are going to be in Provo, and I would LOVE to see you... it has been WAY TOO LONG my dear! Let me know!

Katie said...

I'm in the same boat, except we're a PB&J house. I think as long as you are incorporating other foods as well, she'll be fine. You could try to take portions of the mac n' cheese and add other foods to it, like little cut up pieces of veggies or something. That cheese covers up a lot. You could also try a "healthy" mac. I here Annie's is pretty good for you. But they may not have that down there. What works with the boys is giving small, manageable portions that they have to take one bite of. After that, if they don't like it, fine.

{cody.amber.chandler} said...

It sounds like you're doing the right thing by giving her other foods in addition to the Mac N Cheese, that way at least she's eating and getting some variety of foods! I'm sure this is just a phase and will pass eventually! Chandler REFUSES to drink milk and sometimes won't eat very much either, so our Pediatrician recommended giving him a multi-vitamin everyday, it's liquid so I just mix it into his applesauce or whatever. I don't know if you can get it on the island, but for when you get back to the US it's called Poly Vi Sol with Iron- it gives me some peace of mind that he's getting the nutrients he needs! Good luck!

Michelle said...

It's called bribery, which some people call compromise. "Eat your strawberry and you can have mac and cheese." Or something like that. Also, you can try making it with whole grain noddles and ragu cheese sauce. Emily likes beans in her macaroni sometimes. Or what about hamburger?