Sunday, February 3, 2008

Still Continued...

January 13, 2008

Well, this place is certainly interesting. There are good days and bad days. It's funny how when you're married, your good and bad days are opposite of each other. I think God does that on purpose so that you can keep each other motivated. :) Lately, I've been having good days, while Tom is pretty homesick and not too fond of the island...but yesterday (Sunday) was definitely a bad day for me! Ella had gotten up twice in the night (which she never does!) and it was hot and our little dirt road flooded, and Ella was fussy, and I was just in a general bad mood. I pretty much did NOT want to be in the Caribbean.

Church was really good, though, so that kind of helped. It is a little branch in a very nice church building (nice for the island). There were about 40 people there, mostly black except for the students, who were all white. The branch president and his wife gave talks on their conversion stories - it was really good. Then they put us in nursery *grrrroooooaaaannnn* There are only two families kids in nursery (both students) and the moms said they would rotate with us, so that was nice. Hopefully when the new Del Sol internship couples come down they will put them in nursery instead!

After church we took a nap, then went to Sunset Beach to watch the airplanes land and take off. That is the airport/beach where the planes land about 40 feet from the sand! It is fun when they take off because the jet blast can knock people over and everything! Kind of fun :)
Well, I've met some of the other moms and member moms and I'm excited that I will have some friends! This girl, Megan, lives pretty close to us and she has two kids, so we'll probably hang out with them a lot. We hung out with her and her husband, Derick, and it was very pleasant.

January 14, 2008

My poor child...still adjusting to the time change....

She wakes up SUPER early, like around 5:00 or 6:00 and then is awake until 9:00 when she wants to go back to today has been a looooong day of trying to get her back on schedule. Right now, it is 9:35 and she has been going to sleep around 8:00, but we are keeping her up until 10:00 tonight to try to get her to sleep in a little later. It has been a loooooooooong hour and a half. I'm finding that she likes the movie Chicago, or at least the music. She stops crying when the songs are playing, then starts up again when they are talking :) It is kind of funny. Her naps were pretty on schedule today, so that was nice....but man oh man...right now it is killer. She is so tired. As soon as she stops crying, she falls asleep - no matter how we are holding her! Poor thing! I think we're gonna let her go to sleep right steps right? :)
Other than that, today has been pretty uneventful. Our landlady finally came over and showed us how to work the oven (you have to light it with a lighter at the bottom - kinda scary). We also told her that we want a "road pass" to use the nice road, instead of the bumpy semi-paved road :) Hopefully she can get us one! Tomorrow I am going grocery shopping (which is an all day event) and going to try to set up the cable - yay for Food Network! Woot! :)
I'll write more when there are more interesting things to report! Haha!

January 15, 2008

So, there are some super scary people and situations here - and one of them lives upstairs!! This morning the couple upstairs got in a HUGE fight, complete with screaming and physical contact. It's not like in the States, either, where you can call the police or anything - you just have to wait till they stop. It was pretty creepy. So I turned on some music real loud and locked the doors. It's bad, too, because these walls aren't that thin...and you could definitely hear them going at it. Gross - I hope that doesn't happen all the time....

On a lighter note - Ella slept through the night finally! YAAAAAAY!!!! She is so cute :)

Not much happened yesterday - just trying to get Ella on her sleep schedule. We went grocery shopping, kind of. When you grocery shop, you have to go to two different stores: the Cost-U-Less (which is like Costco) and the Grand Marche (normal grocery store). It is kind of annoying and definitely time consuming. We were gone for over an hour - stuck in traffic, couldn't find mozzarella cheese, etc. Kiiiind of a pain.

Well, Ella can aaaaaalllllmmmmoooossssttttt roll over! She is so close - and gets so frustrated with it! Poor thing :) So incapacitated....Before I had Ella, I always told myself that I wouldn't just sit and talk about my baby all the time, but now that I have her....I find myself doing it all the time! I think its because I'm not really doing anything else during the day - so I don't have anything else to talk about anyway...kind of sad, I guess. So I apologize to anyone who gets sick of hearing about her, but she really is the cutest little thing ever :) hehe.

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