Sunday, February 3, 2008


January 10, 2008

Well, today started out like any other day here – Tom went to school at 8:00, came back around 11:30 and had lunch together. About 11:00a.m. though, the power and water went out. The water came back on after about an hour, but the power didn’t turn back on until almost 6:00 in the evening!!!! Yeah, that was fabulous. Poor Ella and I were so hot in our apartment that we did a quick “rinse” in the shower just to cool us off! Then she slept really well after that. She has been having a hard time sleeping lately. I think we are putting her to sleep too early? Last night, she woke up at 3:45 and I had to nurse her back to sleep. That was annoying!

This evening we went out to dinner to a place called “Sunset Beach Bar” or something like that. The Cluff’s said they had pretty good burgers, and they were pretty good. Their fries were faaaaabulous, but we were a little apprehensive about the condiments. We’re pretty sure they had been sitting out all day, so if we both get sick tomorrow – we’ll know why! The restaurant was pretty Americanized and was even showing college basketball games. Too bad it wasn’t a BYU game or anything J

Well, that’s about all. Tomorrow, Tom and I are running errands all day. Friday is the “White Coat” Ceremony and I’m going to the beach with the Spouses Club. Saturday is a big “Welcome BBQ” put on by the school, so that will be fun! Looking forward to another big day – hopefully the power stays on! The lady upstairs said the power goes off during “high season” because of all the tourists. Our fingers are crossed that it doesn’t happen again! Or at least not for that long!

January 11, 2008

Today was a big day for Ella and me. We went to the beach around 11:00 to meet up with the other girls in the Spouses Organization. It took us a while to find them (and a lot of walking, which is a pain carrying the baby carrier and two bags!), but at last we did! There were a couple girls there: Ashley (who is getting married in April), Wendy (fourth semester who is sick of living here), Camille (who is a first semester like me, cute girl from Louisiana). Later two more girls came: Megan (second semester, cute girl), and Kelly (fourth semester). They were all very nice and thought Ella was just the cutest little thing!

We stayed at the beach for a couple hours then went home, took a quick shower, then picked up Tom. Tonight is the White Coat ceremony so we had to get ready for that. We got there around 5:30 and it started at 6:00. The ceremony was very nice, they had a couple speakers, and also did the Honors Society people for fifth semester. I told Tom that he better make Honors when he’s a fifth semester!! J I sat next to Camille and Amy (another first semester from Louisiana – she got married when they were both 18!). Their husbands are both very nice.

After the White Coat Ceremony we went over to Bamboo Bernies for a catered dinner. It kinda sucked though because each student gets two drink vouchers and that includes anything for your spouse. So we had Sprite’s (which was mostly ice) and then had to buy some bottled water. *rolling eyes* I swear, these Caribbeanese people! It was nice, though, we met a lot of other spouses there. Everyone is really friendly and outgoing. It makes it easier being here when there are a lot of other people to hang out with! Most of the other girls live really close to the school, and we’re not too far so it is nice to know there are people to hang out with.

January 12, 2008

Well, they set up the internet this morning…but now it doesn’t work. Faaaabulous – we love the island J We ran errands this morning, bought sheets, tried to set up the cable, but have to have our Landlord sign some stuff. Oh well. Hopefully things go okay!

Well, we went to the beach bbq thingie and it was just ooookay. There was only one other couple with kids there and the mom, Ashley, is kinda weird…sooo it was kind of like Tom and I took our baby to a drinking beach party – not so much fun. We had hot dogs and chips, and when they ran out of soda and water we decided that was our queue to go home! People weren’t nearly as friendly at the beach as they were at Bamboo Bernies. Oh well, that’s okay. I was disappointed Jill and Ben didn’t go! L I guess the other spouses say that Jill and Hilary don’t really go to anything that is “school related” that they just do stuff together. It’s too bad…but Tom and I are still going to go to stuff! Just because other people are drinking, doesn’t mean it still can’t be fun. We have to make friends with everyone because the other LDS girls are only here for a few more semesters! Oh well…

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