Monday, February 18, 2008

New Day!

February 18, 2008

What a busy, busy day!! WOW!! So this morning I got up early to take Tom to school. After I dropped him off, Ella and I got ready for our busy day! I left around 10:00 to pick up Amy. She goes grocery shopping with me and helps me with Ella. I don’t know how people go grocery shopping with babies by themselves!! Wow…Anyway, this was our day:

We went and got gas, then went to GEBE to pay our electricity and water bill. I had to go to the ATM to get cash (they only take cash…I swear…what decade do these people live in??) then waited in line FOREVER!! Holy cow…I think I waited in line for OVER an hour to pay my stupid bill. Then when I get up there, she says that it is $200.64. I give her $210. She asks if I have a smaller bill because its only 64 cents. I wanted the extra change so I would have some one’s for tipping. But she made me count out 64 cents, while I’m holding a screaming baby, and there is a huge line! So I’m counting nickels and dimes to get this stupid 64 cents! I was so irritated…by the time I finish and leave, the damn bridge is up! Amy meanwhile had gone to the post office and was just finishing when I was too, so I picked up Amy and by then the bridge was up…finally! So after that took forever and a day, we were on our way to Cost-U-Less. So we did our shopping there, then headed into ColeBay to go to the Grande Marche. On the way, we stopped at the Beauty Supply store for hair gel and hairspray. No, you can’t buy it at the grocery store. Yes, that is super annoying.

After that, we went to Grande Marche and did the rest of our grocery shopping. We couldn’t find basil anywhere, though, so that was kind of annoying. After the Grande Marche, we stopped by the pharmacy so I could buy sunscreen and pick up my prescription. Then we went to the Food Express to get hot dog buns and hamburger buns (no, they didn’t have them at either grocery store we had already been to). They didn’t have basil either. Then we drove home! It was all in all, a very busy day! We left at 10:00 and didn’t get home till after 2:30! Wow…such a pain. I just had enough time to go home, unload the groceries, take out the trash, and do the dishes before I had to go pick up Tom. SO BUSY! So now I am all stinky from sweating. It is hard to carry a baby around during all of this, change her diaper, and keep her fed and happy through all this ordeal. Wow. She was pretty good through most of us, except for the last 15 minutes of the line at GEBE and the ride home from dropping Amy off.

Also, at Cost U Less, they didn’t have the brand or size of diapers I was looking for, and at Grande Marche, they didn’t have the right brand. Grr… it gets irritating sometimes trying to time your purchases around their deliveries.

So now I am waiting for my chicken to thaw so I can make dinner. We are just sitting around for the rest of the evening, which is FINE BY ME!! J

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