Monday, February 18, 2008

Valentines Week!

February 15, 2008

Happy belated Valentines Day! This week has been super duper busy!! Monday, Tom had his first set of block exams. He studied SOOOOO much for them and it paid off! He got a 90% on his Histology exam, and mid 80’s on all his other ones! All his scores were above the class average – even the one he got an 85%, the class average was FAILING! Yeah…a little ridiculous if you ask me. To celebrate the finish of the first block, Tom, me, Ella, Eli, and Amy all went to the beach for a couple hours. It was pretty fun. Afterwards we went and had dinner with Ashley, her husband, and her kids at Marks. They had the BEST ribs! They’re all you can eat, too! We have decided that the restaurant food is here is mediocre at best, except for the ribs – they are faaaaaaaaantastic! Mmmm…ribs. After dinner, we went to this little club called Khush because they were having a big “End of Block” party thingie. It was kind of lame because we’re not drinkers. We stayed for a few minutes, then called it quits and went home to sleep! Tom was BEAT! I don’t blame him, taking tests AAAALLLLLLLLLL day can wear on anyone! Wow…

Tuesday we found out Tom’s scores, so that was exciting J Tom came home and took a nap, which was much deserved! That evening I was invited to a “Tips and Toes” party at Heather’s house. I went over and we did our fingernails and toenails. It was very fun! Those girls are very cute and super nice. I had a really good time, and now I have faaaaabulous toes! Yay for cute toenails!! Our car is acting up, though, which is super annoying. It keeps overheating and stuff, so we called Arthur to come fix it. He is picking it up on Thursday – cross your fingers that it gets done soon!

Wednesday was busy, too! I went out to lunch with a bunch of the girls at Toppers. The food was NOT very good…blah. Oh well, it was nice to be in fun company. Kara picked me up and took me home and we had a very nice conversation. I bought a bunch of stuff from her, too – a printer, baby stuff, etc. Very fun. Later that night, we took Ella over to Megan and Dericks. Amy and Eli babysat all our kids that night so we could go out to dinner for Valentines Day. I’m soooooo grateful for Amy and Eli and all they do for us! They are such great friends!! Well, we had dinner at the Harbour Queen and it was pretty good. Tom had the all-you-can-eat ribs and I had the Mahi Mahi…mmm…the fish here is pretty good, too. Derick and Megan are very fun to be around, too! We were laughing about the Spouses Organization and stuff on the island. It was very pleasant!

Thursday: Happy Valentines Day! This morning we went over to Megans for a Valentines Day Party! It was so very fun! We were there till around 2:00 when we had to go home for Arthur to come pick up the car. The Valentines Party was really nice, though. We had good food and even better company! After they came and got our car, Tom and I went for a REAL long walk through Maho. It was really nice, though. We walked to the Food Express and got drinks, then went to Sunset Beach and watched the airplanes. It was pretty fun, but I got blisters on my feet ‘cause I was wearing very impractical shoes: flip flops. All in all it was a pretty uneventful Valentines Day, but it was nice nonetheless.

Friday is Beach Day! We went to Mullet and it was pretty nice. I think I am getting a little tired of the beach, though. It is hard to do with a baby – so much stuff to carry! I am always grateful when Tom can come with me because then I actually have a free arm to carry stuff! Haha!

February 16, 2008

Today we went to the pool with Amy and Eli. It was pretty nice except Ella was all fussy and stuff. That was annoying. After the pool we tried to have lunch at Rosie’s on the beach, but they close at 3:30 (whudda thunk?) Then we went and bought a bunch of stuff for pizza and I made pizza that night while we watched Night at the Museum on HBO. I like having HBO.

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