Tuesday, July 22, 2008

You know you're in the Caribbean when...

(Here is a video of Ella because she is just so dang cute! :))

I honestly thought I had posted this already, but I guess not on here! If I have....oops :) So here is the official "You Know You're in the Caribbean When...." I'm sure there will be more as time goes, though...

  • There is a guy shaking his you-know-what in the middle of the road.

  • You can't get through a street because there are too many goats in the way.

  • Your car catches air at least once a week from going 40 over a speed bump you didn't see.

  • You can't jog through the golf course because it is trespassing, but apparently it is okay to be a homeless guy living in one of the abandoned buildings mugging people – that's not trespassing.

  • You can't walk/drive through the golf course at night because of these homeless people.

  • The security guards open and close the gates when you come and go regardless of who you are, what crimes you've committed, or where you're going. Nice security.

  • Security guards are merely a formality, and barely even that.

  • You go outside and it takes you ten minutes to start sweating and you think, "Hm, kind of chilly today."

  • You need an off-road vehicle just to go to the grocery store.

  • Grocery shopping takes you four hours and six different stores to get everything you need.

  • Everything is posted in gilders and kilos, but everything is transacted in dollars. Go figure.

  • The roads are so flooded after a light sprinkle that jellybean cars often flood their engines just trying to get through the puddles.

  • A fat Italian owns your road, so you have to use the scary dirt one instead.

  • There are hundreds of scary, mangy dogs running around everywhere.

  • There are pigs in the dumpster behind the 1-2-3-4 and More store.

  • Ace is by FAR the nicest, cleanest, well lit, best priced, most American, most refreshing store on the whole island.

  • If you have to sweep your house at least 4 times a week, and each time it is like half the beach is in your house!

  • If people around you have never even heard of carpet.

  • If the natives are speaking English, but you aren't even close to understanding it!

  • If you have to worry about someone stealing your car door…just the door.

  • You're not sure if it's a pond, or a pothole…probably a pothole.

  • When you have to bring a cooler in the car to keep your food cold on the way home from the grocery store.

  • When tourists are better drivers than the locals.

  • Complete strangers treat your child like it is theirs – and discipline like it's theirs.

  • Your apartment has the pungent smell of marijuana.

  • The best restaurant on the whole island is a little window called Pizza Dan's.

  • When beer is cheaper than water, and ice is extra.

  • When crabs fly out of your air conditioning vents.

  • When monkeys show up on your doorstep.

  • When you go to sleep to the sound of dog fights and cat fights.

  • You pull over to look at the ocean views.

  • When it takes four different gas stations to refill your propane tank.

  • Island time is not on a watch, but a concept and a mindset.

  • When it's okay to drink and drive, but not to eat fried chicken and drive.

  • When you are prejudiced against because you are the white male.

  • When you hang out in stores just for the air conditioning.

And here are some cute pictures of Ella just for fun :)

So sweet!

Derek Zooland


She LOOOVES Mac n Cheese!


Brittanie said...

Cute post Laura- Don't you just love foreign countries?

Dan and Barbara said...

Can you believe it? Time is just flying.. Ella is growing and our baby is growing..ha-ha! It's kind of fun having the baby bump grow, weird at first.. no comfortable sleep for me... But i guess that is just how life is.. Could you eat normally? I find myself better when i eat small things but all the time, if i wait for a big meal i can never finish... weird.. i love food... haha Cute pictures of Miss Ella. I like that video btw, it's quite funny. :)

Dan and Barbara said...

i added a photo to your blog.;)

amber and cody said...

Goats and crabs and monkeys oh my! Wow we definitely need to come for a visit just so I can experience all of this firsthand- although the mental image in my mind is pretty hilarious :) I love the pics/video of Ella, you're right, she's pretty much the cutest little girl ever! :)

K.B. said...

Ella is such a pretty baby! Tom better get a shotgun in about 14 years. :)