Friday, July 25, 2008

Unwanted visitor...

Oh boy! Was last night an adventure or WHAT?! HOLY CRAP! :) So here's what happened...

Tom and I were very tired last night, so we decided to go to bed a little early and just read till we both got super tired and fell asleep. So we're sitting in bed like old married folk reading our books - Tom, Harry Potter, me, A Painted House. An hour or two goes by and right before I say, "Well, I'm tired, wanna go to sleep?" we hear a sound bang in the bathroom! Our bathroom is pretty tiny and there is only a small window in there so we were like, "What was that?!" I tell Tom to go see what it was....he says, "you come with me!" So we sneak open the door....very slowly....and AH! A MOUSE ON TOP OF THE SHOWER!!!! It jumped so we screamed and hurried and shut the door! It was a pretty big mouse, too, mind you. Not a rat...but a big mouse. The door to our bathroom is very close to the ground so we knew it couldn't slip underneath the door or anything. So we're trying to figure out a way to get this mouse out. We formulated several ideas:

1. Use a bug bomb and wait till it kills it and just get it in the morning.

2. Use a rat trap and just wait till it kills itself.

3. Use a trashcan and catch it.

So we decided on option three. So Tom grabs the big trash can from the kitchen and we both sneak into the bathroom. The bathroom is tiny tiny, but we can't see where the mouse is! so I'm standing on the biday (spelling??) and Tom is standing on the toilet. We start shuffling things around and the mouse is behind the bathroom trash can! Tom places the garbage can from the kitchen on the floor and hits the other trashcan. The mouse RUNS into the big trash can but then runs out! WE ALMOST HAD IT!

Then the mouse RAN underneath the countertop. We looked underneath but couldn't find it? We have NO idea where it could've gone. So we start shuffling things inside the cabinet and it JUMPS out and back behind the other trashcan! Tom adn I also had a broom and mop for protection :) hehe. We looked super funny, I have to say. We're both in our underwear, broom and mop in hand, with big tennis shoes on, standing on top of the toilet and buday! Good times... :)

So the mouse is still running around the floor and we're trying to get it in the corner, when all of a sudden it RUNS up the door! YES! The mouse CLIMBED up the sheer face of the door!!! We hurried and knocked it back down onto the floor and it JUMPED up onto the toilet! We are pretty much freaking out by this point (okay...we were freaking out at the beginning, but now we are beside ourselves) because we have Super Mouse in our bathroom! It can disappear!

So we FINALLY catch it in the trashcan and it starts jumping trying ot get out and we hurried and put a towel over it. Phew...we took it outside onto the balcony and on the count of three, I tore of the towel and Tom threw it over the balcony! It was quite exciting. :)

The whole escapade took almost an hour. So we didn't end up getting back in bed until after midnight, and then our adrenaline was so riled up that it took another half an hour or so until we could sleep! haha!!

Gooooood times.... :)


Dan and Barbara said...

What a fun night huh? :) Crazy and funny story.. OMG.. ew for the mouse.. i am glad it's out of there. hehe

amber and cody said...

hahahahaha! Oh what I would have paid to see you and Tom in your underwear with "weapons" in hand trying to catch supermouse! You guys have the BEST stories from the Carribean- we definitely miss you! :)

Afton Huntley said...

Oh my gosh you make me laugh so hard! At least it was a mouse and not a monkey right? lol

Angela Henderson said...

Laura, this gave me the funniest mental picture lol--you and Tom in your underwear on top of the you are too funny