Saturday, July 12, 2008

Smart Baby!

Well, I've decided that our daughter is seriously one smart cookie. She is not even one years old yet and she is almost walking. She blabbers like she is having a conversation with you. She has learned what bed time is. She eats almost only solid foods. She understands smiling. She is learning how to go down stairs.

She is so funny. Last night we put her down for bed right at 8:00 and she didn't even scream/cry or anything! So a few minutes went by and we started to get worried. Usually she cries for about five or ten minutes before falling asleep. So we go in her room and she is laying in her crib blabbering to the ceiling. So Tom says, "Good night, Sweet Pie." and walks out. A few minutes later, we go and check on her and she is sound asleep! We had a good laugh about it and thought it was a one-night thing.

Well, tonight we put her down for bed at 8:30 because she was so happy and not sleepy at all. A few minutes goes by and she is totally silent. Then we hear her happily yelling (not an angry yell) and we go and check on her and she is crawling around her bed just yelling. It was seriously so cute. So we let her do that for almost half an hour, then decided we would just take her out of her crib since she is wide awake and happy! So now it is 9:15 and she is crawling around the sitting room just playing with her toys. How cute!

We had a busy day today. Tom has his second block exams on Monday. Blah! He has been studying like a mad man!! He is pretty much gone all day, except for in the evenings, but then studies till bed time after dinner. I feel like a single mom! Haha! I try and keep myself busy, but sometimes it is hard. I have discovered this photo book making thing online, though, that is super awesome! I'm not putting the link or anything down, though, because that is what everyone in my family is getting for I don't want them doing it themselves :) ha!

Ella and I went swimming today for almost three hours down by our pool. Amy and Camille came over and Jenna came down, too. It was Jenna's birthday, so we made brownies and cupcakes. It was very fun. I love hanging out with my little caribbean buddies. Swimming in the afternoon definately makes the day go by faster, too! So I figure that will be our little daily activity.

Anyway, we have church tomorrow morning, and then are going over to our friends house to play Mexican Train - woo woo! :)


Dan and Barbara said...

Cute pictures! She is sure growing up fast... can't believe how smart she is getting.. Pretty soon you won't be able to keep up with her...
That's funny that you are doing photo books, i have done a couple, they can be quite expensive but i really like them, they are fun to do and time goes by fast.. I do mine at shutterfly... I have ordered pictures and other things from them and i liked it because i always got them on time.
Hope all is well with you guys. Good Luck for Tom this week. :)

amber & cody said...

Yay for smart babies! She definitely takes after her mommy :) I am so excited to see her, I can't believe how big she is getting! Tell Tom good luck with exams, I'm sure thats hard on both of you but you're almost there! We definitely need to talk online or something to help us both kill time! Love you guys :)