Monday, July 28, 2008

Memory Tag...

Okay Karey...this is for you :) Those were so funny!

The rules to this are:
Put any memories you have of me and you (whoever is reading this) in the "comments".

Good times, good times :)


amber and cody said...

lol, ah memories with Laura... wayyyyy too many to list!!! You've been one of my closest friends for what, 10 years?? Thats a long time! In fact was it like our 12th bday we had together at your house? But definitely worth mentioning are our adventures working for PBiddy, when we would IM and make fun of David and Brad and draw funny pictures on the whiteboard! Haha! And when you would give me scooter rides, that was the best... and how could we forget our 24 marathons at your house with Tom! And playing WOWC on your computer... He was a good sport for always letting me come over and play :) I love ya and am sooooo excited for you to come back to the states so we can make more memories and our babies can be friends too :)

amber and cody said...

HAHAHAHAHAAA! oh man I totally forgot about going to that hole in the wall bar... Roadhouse Bar and Grill or something?? I only think my parents let me go because they knew i was with you and we were going "somewhere" to see Josh play! Remember we also went up to the Ventura theater to see him play? That was fun too... I'm so glad you remembered that, good times! I was also thinking about your bday party (19th maybe?) when it was a pool party at your house and it was the first time I met Tom, when you were dating...I'm glad you guys got married :)

K.B. said...

Here, I added them to your post :)...

Dissecting that yellow jacket hornet under a microscope??

Burping contests with people on that boat way off in the distance at Lake Powell??

Me putting fake fingernails on your toes??

Daniel smothering you with a blanket when you were trying to take a nap in your car seat (you were tiny tiny.) You were crying and I kept taking it off. Daniel would put it back on you and yell "She likes it!!!"

Hours and hours of Kings Corner on the house boat.

Going with you to San Diego with your singing group back when I was sick and pregnant with James.

The rockin concert you put on with "To the Death"...preggo!!!!

That trip to Kauai.

The look on your face when I told you Andy and I were dating. HAHAHA!!!

beccap said...

How about... convincing some guy at hurricane harbor that the scar on you leg was from a shark attack, lake powell when you cousin met your uncle an eventually they got married, roller blade tag on the basketball court at the park, roller blading to pic n' save and getting so much candy that we practically guaranteed ourselves type 2 diabetes in the future. Toilet papering followed by doughnut runs, (and my mom drove us). Seriously, good times. I am really sad that we fell out of touch, it's a good thing that there's facebook so that we can keep up with each other's lives.

Angela Henderson said...

one time driving to Utah we were going crazy with boredom and so you got like 3 or 4 pairs of sunglasses and stacked them all on your face and head and tried to get other drivers to stare at you. lol. When we shared a room in the Linford house and it was night and you were talking to me and I creeped out of bed and jumped out at you and you screamed lol. That one time you put that abercrombie n fitch bag displaying a half-naked man across my wall just to make me mad lol.