Thursday, July 24, 2008

Funny story in ICM...

Okay, first off: ICM stands for Introduction to Clinical Medicine. It is a class that all the med students have to take their 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th semesters. It is pretty much like practice interviewing for patient histories and stuff like that. I've been doing it this semester with Ella and it is getting pretty funny with all the different students. Some of them are really good, others suck pretty bad. I'll give a few examples. Keep in mind that Ella is sitting on my lap the whole time, and I'm the only one that has ever brought a baby with the students are a little thrown off by that...

Case 1: I'm a 76 year old woman with gallstones. So I tell the student that I've been havnig stomach pains.

Student: "You're having pains in your your menstrual cycle regular?"
Me: "Um...I haven't had one in a while."
Student: "Oh - are you pregnant?"
Me: "Uh...what? I don't think so. That would be pretty amazing considering the fact that I'm 76."
Student: "Oh yeah yeah! Right...well this your baby?"
Me: "Uh...that would be pretty amazing considering the fact that I'm 76!"

Pooooor students. :) Other times Ella will be really fussy and screaming and stuff and the students totally ignore it and keep rattling off questions and stuff and I'm like, "geez! Give me a second!" Hehehe :) Pooooor students.

Anyway, I just thought that story was kind of funny :)

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Afton Huntley said...

Ok, that is halarious! I love it!