Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Trip to St. Lucia!

Our semester break was these last two weeks, and instead of going to the States, we decided to hang on the island for a week and go to St. Lucia the second. Unfortunately, we had NO money to spend while on St. Maarten...so we pretty much just hung out at home watching Law and Order and playing World of Warcraft. I know...we are SO lame! :)

Tom's mom moved to St. Lucia to go to medical school, so we figured we would go help her set up house! Plus, we figured it would be fun to go to another island! So on the plane we jumped!

Ella was trying to help me pack, except everything I put IN the suitcase, she would take OUT and throw it all over the apartment. I'm pretty sure I packed that same suitcase probably three or four times! Ha!

Here she is trying to help again....too bad we couldn't check her! Haha! :) Ella doesn't fly very well. She can handle about four hours on a plane and NO time with a layover. Our flight to San Juan was okay, she was busy, but tolerable. Of course she fell asleep RIGHT when the plane was landing. We had a four hour layover in San Juan, which sucked bad. The terminal didn't have ANY good restaurants....*sniff*. So close to America, but so far away...Then we had an hour flight to St. Lucia. I can't remember if Ella slept through that or not? Maybe I just blocked the memory out??? :)

When we landed, Tom's mom picked us up with Dr. Newman, one of her professors who has been helping her on the island. Our plane landed in Castries, but we had to go to all the way to Vieux Fort, which is an hour and a half drive! It was already 10:00! Ella fell asleep on the car ride, thank goodness! And so did I! :)

We spent the first couple of days in a little motel while Tom's mom looked for a car and apartment. She finally found a car...

Yeeeaaaaahhhh for the Naggin' Wagon. If you would like to know what a naggin' wagon is, you'll have to ask.

They drive on the other side of the road there, so Cheri was a little nervous at first, but she did REALLY well! We didn't have any REALLY scary driving incidences or anything! :)

We decided to go grocery shopping to help her set up "house".

Ella wasn't very excited...

We found some interesting grocery items, though...

Coke flavored capri suns....er, Capri-sonnes....

A GIANT BAG of ketchup...

and some other scary stuff that I didn't put pictures of on here: cow parts, turkey parts, lamb parts, salted meat, etc....ew.... :)

Here is Cheri's new apartment! Cute little kitchen...her kitchen is bigger than mine! :) It was a cute little one bedroom apartment. We spent the rest of the trip there with her.

Here is the outside! It looks like Greece!

Near the end of the trip we went on a Rainforest tour up at Baboneux (sp?) pronounced 'BA-ba-no'. We rode one of those open gondola thingies that was WAY up above the ground! The highest point is 120 feet above ground! It was a little scary, but VERY beautiful...
We had to all wear ponchos because it was going to rain...AND IT DID! It poured for the majority of the tour. The tour is a little over an hour and a half and we were SOAKED after five minutes of rain! I know, i know.....it is a rainforest. :)

The tour was very beautiful. We also went to the Sulphur Fields since St. Lucia is a volcanic island and is still very active. It smelled really bad, but it was still cool :)

So that was our trip to St. Lucia! Now we are back on St. Maarten. It is funny how you learn to appreciate the things you are used to. St. Lucia is A LOT prettier than St. Maarten, but we were definately excited to go back to St. Maarten where we know the ropes!

Also, St. Maarten gave us a very nice "welcome home" afternoon. Our plane landed....they lost some of our luggage....our car wasn't at the airport, so we had to wait half an hour for Arthur to drop it off....and there was LOTS of traffic going through Maho. Good times.... :)

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Katie said...

My boys are great at helping me pack, too. It only takes me a year or so longer than it normally would. Cola Capri-Sonne? Definitely worth investigating. And that is so neat about the rain forest tour. I bet it was gorgeous.