Friday, May 22, 2009

Mom and Sister!

Okay, so my pictures are all out of order and I don't want to try and get them in order, so you'll just have to deal with them being out of order! :)

My mom and sister, Angela, were here a couple weeks ago for my concert. Not only is this super cool the fact they were actually down here, but I actually got to see Angela before she left on her mission (four days after they got back from St. Maarten! Ha!) I didn't think I would get a chance to see her, but she came down! YAY!!!! :) Happy day!

While they were here, we didn't do too many exciting things because Tom was in school and I was trying to do a lot of concert prep, but we still got in a few exciting things :)

Here are our activities in no particular order:

We ate at the restaurant Le MontMarte, which was SUPER yummy...oh my goodness, they had WONDERFUL french onion soup....mmmmm......the meal was very good. My adventurous sister decided that since she had never seen Kangaroo on a menu...that she would try it! So above is a picture of her meal of Kangaroo :) It actually wasnt' too bad. It was a dark meat that was kind of gamey. I'm thinking it was kind of like venison? Not too bad :)

Of course we went to the beach! It had been cloudy and rainy and the day we decided to go was a little overcast, but it made it nice! It wasn't a bazillion degrees outside and the beach wasn't that crowded! I've decided the beach is MUCH easier with 1. a child that doesn't eat the sand 2. other people there to help you watch your child 3. a big umbrella. Things that would make it even easier 1. having a child that was a little afraid of the water so she doesn't get swept out to sea with a smile on her face.... 2. a child that could swim

Angela had these cool camera effects that she kept testing on Ella :) It was pretty sweet...

Out to lunch at SkipJacks for our last lunch *sniff*. The food was good, the company excellent, the following hour...sad...... :(

Dad and baby walking down Front Street! So CUTE! :) My mom got my grandma the coolest Mothers Day present. My great-grandma had this pearl ring, but the pearl was broken, so my mom had it replaced, polished, and all gussied up for my grandma! :) Very sweet....

Ready to go shopping!

Such an intellectual....
Oh more pasta sauce for babies! :)

I love this picture. It just looks so sweet and innocent....and then she empties the laundry basket all over the floor....and empties out my wallet all over the floor....plays in the toilet...and purposely spills her sippie cup and plays in the water on the floor!

Beautiful beach shot!

Reading a story with Grandma!

Another beach shot! :)

Off to the beach!

I wish I had some pictures with Angela, except she was always the one taking the pictures! :( Oh time I guess!

Anyway, it was a WONDERFUL week having them there! The concert was a success and it was so fun playing Shanghai with them all week! :) I miss them LOTS already!!!!!

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