Monday, May 18, 2009


I gave a concert last week here on the island. I didn't think it was going to be a very big deal, but it kind of turned into one! :)

I accompanied a soprano and a violinist and played some of my own pieces. It was quite the concert. I felt like a rockstar! Haha! Here is a publicity flyer we posted up all over the island

The posters turned out really well, except when I put this one up at Food Express, one of the workers came out to look at it and said to me, "This isn't you, is it?" I said, "Yes, that is me." She said, "Oh, 'cause you look really big in this picture. You big." I was like, "" Yeah....a little upsetting that a random person thinks I look fat in a flyer that is being put up all over the place! Ha! Oh well....

Here is a copy of the program! We had quite the variety of pieces. Everything from Mozart to Leonard Bernstein. It was really fun! The whole concert lasted about an hour and twenty minutes, which I think is a good length.
Here we are - all nice and pretty! We had a babysitter for Ella that night, thank goodness!!!!

Here is the Belair Community Center where the concert took place.

This is intermission. The place totally sold out! Normally they have between 50-100 people. Like...75 people is a really good turn out. We had over 200 people! I think somewhere around 250! They had to bring it extra chairs and squeeze chairs in between people! Yes...I definitely felt like a rockstar :)
Here is me at intermission. My mom brought down the dress :) It is pretty much awesome.
I'm trying to put a video up of our "encore" piece. We performed Ave Maria in the first set, and used it as an encore piece because none of us had one prepared! Haha! :)

After the concert we went for a "night cap" with St. Maarten's cultural elite. We went up to Almond Grove to the owner of the Daily Heralds home. It was quite the house with quite the view! It was funny being around St. Maarten's upper crust and listening to them talk about what wealthy land owners should build a theater on their property and what not. It was very entertaining :) I was thinking, "Hm...I had no idea these kind of people lived on St. Maarten...and on the Dutch side even!" Hahha! :) Good times. The Daily Herald guy even had a servant! She brought us drinks and took our plates and everything. Very sheek. :)

Thank you Ang and Angela for taking these pictures!! :)

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Katie said...

Congrats on the concert! That's awesome! Way to draw out the cultural elite!