Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lake Powell!

So, I haven't posted in a long time, so you are getting posts in a non-chronological order. This is what I did:

Four days in Utah for Audrey's Wedding - post coming
Two weeks in California for Grandparents 50th Anniversary - post coming
One week in St. Maarten with Tom - post coming
Two weeks at home - probably not a post coming
One week at Lake Powell, Tom met us half way through the week - Current Post
One week at Home - post coming
Back on the island.

So you are getting posts in a non-chronological order :)

Here is Lake Powell *love sigh* pretty much the greatest place on earth. Seriously.

I think heaven will be like Lake Powell - boat rentals and gas will be free and no one will ever get hurt trying to wakeboard/tube/water wienie/water ski. :)

We took a hike through these Narrows. It was REALLY cool!!!

We had to swim through part of it. was fuh-reeeeezzzing!!! I don't think that water had ever seen the sun! BRR!!! :) It was kinda scary...hopefully nothing was living in the water...ew...

Here we are a hikin'! Very fun :)

Tom and Ella on the water wienie. We didn't let Ella ride it, but we would sit her on it with Tom and someone would push them out a ways, then pull them back with the rope. She LOVED it. Expect a video soon.

The whole crew on the water wienie. No, I didn't water wienie. I've decided that it is more fun watching other people fall off and get hurt, than being the one everyone happens to fall on! :)

The boys went on a hike up to some restored Indian Ruins. I've done it many a time, so I sat on the boat with Ella. She loves the boat :)

Dad and Ella at Rainbow Bridge - the worlds largest natural bridge. It is so beautiful!

Family portrait. Yes, we are all in our swimsuits. No, you don't wear normal clothes at Lake Powell. Just swimsuits...all day...every day. You can choose to wear pajamas/underwear if you choose, but no one is judging if you just stay in your suit. Ha!

The weather was PERFECT the whole trip and our little camping spot was in the shade most of the day, so Ella could play in the sand without having to worry about the sand being too hot or getting sunburned. She LOVED throwing rocks into the water and yelling "OH BOY!" It is SO cute!!!

Tubing maniacs. I think that is my cousin Justine, Andrew, and Seth.

Ella jumping into the water off the back of the house boat.

Grandpa and Cousin Kyle swimming. Ella loooooves Kyle. She goes up to him and says "Baby!" And gives him a big hug. Sometimes her hugs are a little rough...but its just a lot of love to show! :)

Grandma and Ella swimmin' in the water! This girl is a water baby! She LOOOOVES the water!

Me....trying to wakeboard. So scary. I got up every single time, though! I've tried about four or five times before this on different boating trips and could NEVER get up. One lesson from Seth the Magnificent Teacher and I was up! I even went in and out of the wake a couple times!! :)

Ella sneaking into the water :) Sneaky sneaky.

Our trip to Lake Powell was FABULOUS! There were a lot of people on the boat: Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, Dad, Daniel, Barbara, Baby Kyle, Me, Tom, Ella, Kathryn, Andrew, Justine, and Seth. It was a little crowded, but not too bad. The weather was hot but not BLISTERING hot like it normally is. The lake wasn't very crowded and the waterline was just right. The food was wonderful, as always, especially the home made ice cream and frozen otter pops. We went on a huge, long, cool hike. We saw Rainbow Bridge and the Indian Ruins and had ice cream at Dangling Rope Marina. We went water skiing/wake boarding, tubing, water wienie-ing. We played cards and ate a lot of candy. Read a lot of books. All in all it was quite the fabulous week :) The babies were well behaved, too! They hardly ever cried. Ella had to keep her life jacket on ALL day, but she didn't seem to mind - so that was nice. And Kyle was super well behaved, as usual. It was a very fun trip :) Hopefully we're around for next years trip, too! I think I've only missed two trips to Lake Powell in my entire life. *siiiigh* Loooove Lake Powell :)

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Cluff Family said...

LOVE The Picts! It makes me a bit homesick though :) Living just an hour from Lake Powell, we spent a lot of time on the lake growing up :) SO FUN! I'm glad you guys had such a great trip while you were home. Good luck your last couple of months down there!!! Oh, and THANKS SOOOO MUCHO for the recipe! There are going to be a lot of happy AUC students at KMC.