Thursday, July 30, 2009

Another month, another book review! Haha!

Well, I kind of have been having a super exciting and crazy and fun filled couple weeks, so instead of posting about that....I'm going to wait until it is all finished, then do a couple posts all together about it. So in the meantime, here is my most recent book review. It might be a while until I do another one, since I am going to be bouncing around traveling so much, so here is a little :)

The Telling Pool. This book was just okay. It is kind of a King Arthur story...sort of. A young man during the crusades finds the Telling Pool, which can tell past events and current events in a different part of the world, and has to rescue his dad from an evil sorceress. The plot was pretty entertaining, but I wish the author had have gone into more detail with the story. A pretty fast read...good beach read :)

Crippen. Murder mystery. Based on an actual murder that was investigated....but a lot of people aren't completely convinced the verdict was accurate. So this is the authors interpretation of who who HE thinks did it. Part of it is kind of slow, and it is a little predictable. But it was pretty interesting. I would give this book one thumbs up...but not a full two thumbs up. :)

I Capture the Castle - now a motion picture :) I definitely enjoyed this book. The plot is kind of predictable, but the writing style was REALLY nice. It is written in journal entries by a very contemplative young girl who tries desperately to be self critical and self aware. I really liked this, as it delves into her ideas of who people really are and who she really is. This was beautifully written and very romantic. I give this book two thumbs up :) Good book club pick!
Song of the Exile (yes, I stole the image from :)) I REALLY liked this book. It was REALLY REALLY sad and the ending was still kind of a downer, but it was REALLY interesting. This book is about World War II and the attack on Pearl Harbor from local Hawaiians. The main character is a full blooded Hawaiian who plays trumpet in a band and wants to travel the world with his girlfriend, who is half chinese, half Hawaiian. She wants to go back to China to find her abandoned club footed sister. It is about their separate travels and and their desperate attempts to find one another. It was REALLY sad, but it helps you see things from Hawaiian's point of view, which I think is definitely a point of view most people don't think of. I know I didn't! I give this book two BIG thumbs up. Be prepared, though...its a tear jerker! I also really liked how the main character is a jazz musician and a lot of the book is trying to explain what Jazz is...both in the emotional, social, and musical sense :)

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