Saturday, September 19, 2009

Kids Do the Darndest things!

Funny stories about Ella :)

Story #1 - Keep in mind that Ella doesn't really talk yet. She says a few words, but no sentences or anything.
This morning, Tom was trying to discipline Ella by saying, "Ella, I'm the boss!" So then I say, "Ella...who's the boss?" And she points to herself! Ha! It was so funny! :)

Story #2
Ella has a bad habit of going through all the CD cases, emptying the CD's out, or putting them in the Wii (Yes, she is WAY too smart). She always gets in trouble for doing that, so I don't know why she keeps doing it! We usually put her in time out or something. So this evening, Ella pulls out the basket with all the DVD's and Tom says, "Ella...don't you touch those! Put those back!" She looks up...waves to him and says, "Bye...bye...." telling him to go away! Ha! It was so funny!! :D Silly girl is getting too smart for her own good.

We think she said her first sentence today, "I want more." Interesting...I wonder what this says about her personality!? This could be good...or bad...


Jason and Ashley Conway said...

She's getting so the picture of her with jewelry draped all over herself! Too cute!

{cody.amber.chandler} said...

Haha! She reminds me a little bit of her mom... ;) She is such a cutie, I love her BYU cheerleader outfit! I can't believe how fast she's growing up!