Thursday, September 3, 2009

Next events of our vacation! :)

The first picture is on a lemon dessert I was determined to try and make! It is lemon souffle inside the shell of a lemon! Yes, those are lemons off the tree in our backyard: Meyer Lemons. Delicious! The whole recipe was kind of tricky. It was a good thing Mom was there to help :) The entire recipe said it would take 20 took us an hour and a half! haha! Oh well :) They turned out pretty yummy! I'm not sure if I would make it again. I guess I'm not the biggest souffle lover. I mean, I love lemons...but it kind of turned out like soggy lemon bread and my mom said that's how all souffles are in texture. Soooo yeah...successful recipe...but not going in my recipe book :) They sure looked pretty though. (I also don't know why that part is underlined?)

While we were on break, we did a couple fabulous activities! Of course, I didn't take pictures of a lot of them because I am terrible at taking pictures! Ah! Here are some, though :)

We took in a wonderful concert at the Hollywood Bowl - love it! We packed our picnic dinner up "fancy style" including a fruit salad, a caprese salad, shrimp cocktail, and croissant-wiches. Yummy! The concert was starring Yo-Yo Ma and conducted by Placido Domingo. It was Placido's debut as a conductor...I definitely think he should stick to singing. As my piano teacher said, "Once they're good at something, they think they're good at EVERYTHING!" Ha! So true Peter :)

The concert was good, though! They played a Dvorjak concerto then a Tchaikovsky symphony. Very lovely.

This is the backdoor onto the stage! Yes, that is a big scary security guard! :)


These next pictures are exactly in reverse, since I always forget that Blogger uploads them in reverse! Sooo, you'll get our trip to Disneyland in rewind!

Little Ella was SUPER pooped after a busy day of Disneyland and NO nap! She was quite the little Angel though.
She love love LOVES the Carousel and did NOT want to get off. Definitely not. Silly sweet pie :) She didn't like all the rides, though. Nooooo sirreeee... she did NOT like the Snow White ride. It made her cry. She also didn't like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, nor the Pinocchio ride. I forget how scary those rides can be if you think they are REAL! She did like It's a Small World, though, and the Winnie the Pooh ride and the Dumbo ride. She also likes Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion. We're not sure what she thought of the Buzz Light Year ride. Tom and I sure liked the new Toy Story ride, though! Suh-weet! I totally worked Tom....that's 'cause I'm a professional! Ha! Disneyland was pretty warm that day, but it wasn't very crowded - so that is always nice! Ella was so cute in her Minnie Mouse outfit and everyone would say "Oh look at that cute Minnie Mouse!" when she walked by. Of course, I was so proud :) Soooo sweet...

While we were home, we also went to the Ventura County Fair. Only me and my mom wanted to go, but thankfully the rest of the family was good we all went! It was Fuh-REEZING at the fair...ooohmygoodness. We were NOT prepared for that. We walked around for a bit and then Ella went on a PONY RIDE! Yes...the pony ride. Oh mygoodness...this child is going to need a pony when she gets older! She LOVED it! Funny story about the pony ride:

*Standing in line*
*Next in line*
Me: Ella! Do you want to ride the pony?
Ella: *laugh!*
Guy running the pony booth: Are you going to walk next to the pony while she rides?
Me: Yes.
Guy: Okay, you have to wait till the next pony, this one doesn't like people walking next to it.
Me: Okay, that's fine.
Me: *putting Ella to the side waiting for the next horse*
Ella: *looks at me...looks at the guy...looks at grandpa...looks at the girl who cut in front of her...looks back at me and starts to cry!*
Me: Ella! No, its okay sweetie! You go on the next pony!
Ella: *still crying*
Guy: Okay, here we go!
Me: *Places Ella on pony*
Ella: *LAUGH!!*

*Pony ride is over*


Yes, it was fabulous :) We got a REALLY cute picture of her on the pony. She is even wearing a pink cowgirl hat. Unfortunately I left the picture at my parents house. Darn it.

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