Thursday, September 17, 2009

My busy child! :)

So Ella is getting bigger and bigger every day, of course. And she is getting busier and busier...and faster and faster....and noisier and noisier! Ha!

This is her playing "monkey" and climbing all over everything.

This is her just out of the bath. She is kind of making a goofy-lookin' face, but ya know...sometimes kids look silly :)
Now she is giving her "seducing" stare. :) Ha! I love it!
She often likes to empty her toy bucket and then sits in it and plays with her toys inside the bucket. It is pretty funny :)

Silly girl. Still no talking. She says a few words like, "Puppy" "baby" "Momma" "Da-" and "Car" "Boat" "Bye" "Hi", but no sentences...still patiently waiting... :)


Dan and Barbara said...

Cute kids can get away with anything.. that's the problem right there...hehe More pictures please!! You guys are leaving soon, so you need to take more pictures of everything! :)

Katie said...

Wow! She is getting so big! How old is she now? I love those faces. She is such a cutie. My boys like to take everything out of stuff too. It's crazy.