Saturday, January 17, 2009

Welcome Breakfast!

Well, its that time again! The Welcome Breakfast! I'm also happy to say, I don't have to do it next semester! Hahaha! :) Not that I haven't enjoyed being in charge of it, but less thing to worry about, right? Let me give a little shout out to my husband, too, who happens to be the best husband in the world. That's right...the best! This morning, things were NOT going smoothly...our water was STILL out, which meant no shower...that ALWAYS gets me a little cranky. Then the power kept going on/off so our computer was kinda being weird. Then, when we finally get it to work, I'm trying to print off everything for the Breakfast and BOOM - the printer falls to the floor in a million pieces. *sigh* So needless to say, I didn't have a chance to print off everything I wanted to. THEN I forgot all the shirts AND the "update your info" sheet! Man! I was so prepared last time! This time...definately not. So I was a little flustered when I got to the breakfast, only to find they hadn't set up our tables, AGAIN. Note to whoever is in charge next semester: get there 20-30 minutes early to set up the tables! I have been emailing with the lady for over two weeks about the breakfast...whatever, though. They did have more food...which I asked for ;) Ha!

Anyway, Tom dropped me off, and a few minutes later he pulled back into the parking lot. I thought I forgot something, but no...he went to the Mailbox and made a bunch of copies of everything I needed!!! I KNOW!!! HE IS SO SWEET!!!! :) So yeah...that's my little shout out.
All the spouses for January 2009! bright eyed and full of wonder :)

The Fifth Semesters! Wow....all finished and ready to go! Well...four more months, but ya know.

My cute little family :)

Anyway, the Welcome Breakfast was really fun! I'm excited for this upcoming semester and all the fun activities planned! I'm also SUPER glad that some of the other girls are taking on lots of fun groups: Book Club, Beach-a-Week, Cooking Club, The Walk, etc. Well, I'll put a post up again when something exciting happens.
OH! OUR WATER IS TURNED BACK ON! WOOO!!! Do you know how obnoxious it is to NOT have water for a day??? It was off for over 40 hours!


Christian and Stephanie said...

I can't believe you are already back to the good ol' swing of things. Looks like you had an amazing break. Christian and I just got placed on the Carnival Destiny so we'll be coming back the the caribbean!! Maybe next set of mid-terms we'll see you and ella cruising:)

*amber * cody * chandler* said...

I'm so jealous you guys have so many fun clubs! I wanna come play! Not so jealous about the water though, that sucks :) Glad the breakfast turned out great!