Friday, January 16, 2009

Book Club!

I am part of a Book Club here on the island. Let me tell you, Book Club is the BEST! It is so fun to sit with the girls and chit chat, and eat good food, and discuss major topics like suicide, parental teachings, and purity, etc. So I thought I would talk about the books we have read so far, in case any of you need some good reading!

This was our first book. For those of you who haven't read it, it is VERY cool! It is about a Christian missionary family who moves to Africa to do missionary work. It is a dad, his wife, and four daughters, all of whom have VERY different personalities. It is quite intense in some chapters and it is all about dealing with tragedy. This book is pretty long, but a fast read. Each chapter is from the point of view of each character. Very good book!

This book reminded me A LOT of Angela's Ashes, only in America instead of Ireland. The book is about a girl and growing up in a very poor family with kind of "hippie-against-the-man" parents. It's a very fast read and pretty sad, just reading about what each kid had to go through to survive. This was our first play we read for Book Club. One of the girls, Laura O., is a theater major so she had us read this. It is only about 25 pages long, but WOO WEE! We had quite the discussion in Book Club. It is about this girl who is going to commit suicide, and she tells her mom "Hi, I'm going to shoot myself tonight, so this is what you need to do to take care of things after I'm gone." Pretty much. This play was VERY interesting and led to lots of discussions about suicide, when or if it is ever okay...whose fault was it that the girl wanted to commit suicide...etc. Very, very deep.
This was my book for Book Club. I just thought it would be good for everyone to have a chance to read it! It is one of my favorite books, but not many people have read the original! There is so much folklore to it, that I think everyone should read it ;) There isn't really any deep, psychological, or emotional topics to discuss, but its still really good! It is written in the form of journal entries and letters, which makes it seem more authentic. Everyone should read this classic horror novel. Very good :)

Anyway, those are the books we have read so far. The next book is White Oleander. I'll let you know how it goes!

Books I have been reading on my own:

I'm in the middle of this right now, and it is REALLY good! My grandma refered me this book. It is about a little German girl during World War II. It is written from the perspective of Death, though, as if Death was a person watching all this. It is REALLY good so far!

Talk about a SAD book! This is about a woman who had a major tragedy in her childhood that haunts her for the rest of her life, pretty much. It is a little bit confusing, but really good. Also, food is major theme in the book. It kind of connects her and the members of her family. Really good read.

My mom referred me to this book. It is a really quick read and is just really funny! It is about this really rich lady (Old Money!) who discovers her best friend (a gay, rich guy) has committed suicide. She doesn't think that he would have done that, so she tries to solve the murder. There is a major twist at the end. The lady has the funniest sense of humor and it is just a really cute book.

This is one of our upcoming book club books. I've read it before, though. This was also referred to me by my grandma. WARNING: There are some "R Rated" scenes in this book. The story really reminds me of The Green Mile, how it is an old man relating his experiences growing up. It's about a young kid who ran away to the circus and gets hired as a vetrinarian (sp?). It goes through all his experiences with the circus and meeting the love of his life, who happens to be with another guy, etc. Very interesting book!

This last book reminded me of an opera. It is a tragic love story which is VERY touching. Lisa See has written a couple books that are all sort of along the same lines: tragic and unrequitted love. She goes A LOT into Japanese culture, which is REALLY interesting. She talks about foot binding, arranged marraiges, etc. I've read three books by Lisa See and they are all really good, but very sad. I definately recommend, though!
Well, that's all for now! I hope you all enjoy these books as much as I did!


Linds said...

You seem to have a love for sad books haha. But some of them are really good. FYI- White Oleander is very good. I read it in HS. I think you will like it. Thanks for reviewing Water for Elephants too. I always see it in my bookstore and it looks intriguing but since there is no summary on it anywhere (I hate it when they do that--how am I supposed to know what it is about??) I haven't been too sure, but now I want to read it!

Oh! You should read "Yes Man" by Danny Wallace. I guess they just made a Jim Carey movie about it which is probably rubbish, but the book is hilarious and quite inspiring!

Just don't read Twilight. Anything but that. =) Hehe

K.B. said...

Ummmmm, not to sound snooty or anything but your sweet AUNT KAREY referred you to the Elephant book. :) Remember we were laughing picturing Grandma reading it?? :O The only other one I read was The Book Thief....I referred that one to Grandma ;)

That is so great you are in a club. I have always wanted to be in one. I haven't picked up a novel in ages. Thanks for the inspiration! mom got out a picture of you from when you were Katy's age. We were amazed at how much you two actually look alike. I reminded her about the genetic reasoning at WHY you two look alike :))

Give Ella a kiss. I was totally bummed I didn't get to see her last time.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it great how many books we have time to read here? I have a whole page on my blog dedicated to it...what I liked, etc. Book Club is the BEST! haha Can I borrow 'Peony in Love' please?? I took a Japanese history class and I agree that it is very interesting!

*amber * cody * chandler* said...

Yay for book reviews, now I can add more to my list, thanks! :)