Monday, January 26, 2009

Tender Moment...

Well, everyone says that having a baby girl will bring out the baby girl in your husband, and let me tell is a very sweet and tender thing when it does.

Yesterday in church, it was Caribbean Stake Conference that was televised from Jamaica. Elder Eyring spoke and so did Elder Bednar. It was two hours in the chapel, which, without a child is GREAT but with a baby like ours....not so much. Ella was an absolute NIGHTMARE for two straight hours. She ate all the snacks in the first half an hour and got bored with all her toys in the next fifteen minutes. We still had an hour and fifteen minutes to keep her entertained! It was TERRIBLE!

But then there was sweet. I have two My Little Pony toys in the diaper bag for Ella. Each came with a matching hair brush. So to keep Ella entertained, he sat and helped her brush each other their manes. It was SO stinkin' cute! Here is this big macho man, delicately brushing a My Little Pony's hair with his daughter! Loved it.

*love sigh* So yeah...he's pretty much awesome. Just thought I would share this little tender moment. :)


*amber * cody * chandler* said...

What a sweetie! It takes a very good Daddy to play with My Little Ponies in public :)

Iva said...

Laura, my mom was able to watch that same conference in Dominican Republic....she said it was really powerful and loved the way the general authorities talked. She told me all about it on Sunday :-)
Ella is so cute and don't think your child is the only one that behaves that way...even myself can't stay still for that long...too bad I can't eat snacks at church :-(