Saturday, August 2, 2008

All About Me!

Well, I figured that since I have about a bajillion posts about Ella and the island life, that I would focus this one on me a little bit. I got the idea from Amber (thanks! :)) so hopefully you enjoy...
My Hometown:
Camarillo, California. A beautiful little diamond of a community in Southern California located between the fast life of Los Angeles and the retirement capitol of Santa Barbara and just inland of the beach and strawberry fields. It is tucked away in the orange orchards....

Favorite Food:

Does candy count? Okay, that is kind of cheating :)

In n Out...*droooool*

I love these "make in front of you" Japanese restaurants

Favorite Place:

Vienna, Austria. I think every musician has a little bit of Vienna in them.

Place I currently live:
St. Maarten, Netherland Antilles...too bad they don't have a picture of the REAL St. Maarten. It would look like a black guy walking down the street wearing only a pair of shorts and flip flops, ransacking every car he comes across. Meanwhile, there is a dog pooping on the side of the road, and the owner is yelling at a white person just because he wants to. Also, to the side of the pooping dog is a black lady totally ripping a lady off in a little tourist shop. Just in front of this scene, there is traffic backed up halfway across the island because the bridge is up...or all the taxi cabs decide to stop in the middle of the road to say hi to their taxi cab buddies in the lane on the opposite side of traffic....

Yeah...they didn't have a picture of that.

Place where I would like to live:

Yes. That is Disneyland. I want to live in the castle...and I would kick everyone off my property. :)

F avorite Color:

Yellow...such a happy color!

Favorite TV Show:

The OfficeThe Simpsons

Anything on Food Network pretty much

Hells Kitchen


Goals for Next Year:

I'm applying this fall to Boston University's Masters in Music Education program. So right goal is just to be accepted!

Places to Visit:

Blessed America.

Age You'll Turn Next Year:


amber and cody said...

yay, picture posts are fun!! you should draw your own picture of the REAL San Marteen... in my mind it's a pretty funny scene! And I didn't know you were applying to the master's program!?!? Thats awesome! How long has that been in the works?! I'll keep my fingers crossed! :)

amber and cody said...

p.s. oops I just realized i just butchered the name of where you live... i meant St. Maarten :)

K.B. said...

I love the part about where you live now. Hilarious. The part about Camarillo made me VERY homesick though :( Boston ey?!? Didn't know!! I hope you get in too.

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