Monday, August 11, 2008

Messy Child.

This is an entry dedicated to my messy child and her interests :)

Hmm...what's this sandy stuff?

I think I'll try some...
Did I even get any raviolis in my mouth? Or did I smear them all over my face and body?

Now this is her before going to the beach! So cute!

She isn't the biggest fan of her glasses, though

Little sweet pie LOVES the keyboard. I know you will think I'm just making that up, or it is wishful thinking, but I'm serious! If I sit her on my lap and play some notes, she gets so excited and bounces up and down and then makes me let her play some! Sometimes she'll go up to the keys, reeeaaaaccchhhh up and play some of the keys :) It is so stinkin' cute!

Future future Schumann - Clara Schumann :) Or maybe a future Fitzgerald...Ella Fitzgerald!


K.B. said...

I love the one with you and her ready to go to the beach. Love the sun glasses :)

amber and cody said...

haha, well she is definitely your kid! It so doesn't surprise me that she loves music (and playing music!), you've taught her well :) And she may be messy, but at least shes cute when she's messy!

Dan and Barbara said...

Cute! Ella is sure growing up fast man! Can't believe she will be turning 1 so soon. We wish we could go to her first b-day. :)

amber and cody said...

okay missy, I'll update my registry if you'll update your blog!!! I'm going through Ella/Laura withdrawls here! Hehe, and actually the 3 first aid kits at Target were a mistake, (I'm not that paranoid :) I did the first two then decided the third was the one i liked the best but the website hasn't let me edit it, I'm actually on hold with right now for them to get me access :) So ya I miss you lady! When are you going to be in UT? we need to play! And Ella's bday is coming up soon right? Let me know what day so we can send her a first bday present! I miss that little one! Love you guys :)