Thursday, August 7, 2008

Poor BABY!!!

Well, today we had a bit of a fiasco with Ella! Poor little Sweet Pie! She was playing in the DVD's and slipped and smashed her face into the tile floor! Needless to say she cut up her lip pretty bad and bled for a LOOOONG time. Even this evening it still bleeds.....

I checked the cut and it is just kind of cut up under her lip along her gums. It's not TOO bad, but every now and then she would bump it and start to cry again...with real tears and everything! SO SAD!

She's okay now, and even laughs and smiles and eats food okay, but still...I can tell it hurts her :( Poor thing!!!!

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K.B. said...

ooooooooh. That looks so sad :(

Poor Ella. No more ice skating on dvds.

Somehow mom's get this weird "knowing" or instinct I guess I should say, when it comes to injured, sick kids. We somehow just know what to do.

Having to perform the heimlich (sp?) is by far the WORST. Both my boys have gone blue before from swalloing stuff. THAT is scary. I usually leave brusies on their backs from beating it out of them. Sometimes it goes all the way down instead of out and so we get a little "suprise" about a day later :) Ahhhh..the joys.