Monday, June 15, 2009

Student Concert!

I had my first student concert a couple of weekends ago. It was quite the concert! Haha! I have nine piano students and each of them played a little solo piece. All my students are VERY VERY beginner, except the kid playing in the picture below. He has had two years of lessons. My students are also VERY young. They range from five years to eleven years. It is interesting to watch each of them progress at different speeds and to see what each of them struggles to learn. They are SO cute, except when they don't want to come to lessons. I have one boy that doesn't watn to play, and I think he has some form of ADD, and then I have another girl who is five, who doesn't like to come and cries about every other week. It is kind of funny because I totally remember being like that! Haha! :)

This is me and all my students in line to play. The concert was over two hours long, though, which was WAAAAAAY long with a bunch of beginner players! long. The Andante School of Music, where I teach my lessons, has a bunch of different teachers. This concert was to showcase ALL the students. So we had guitar, more piano, and Orff instruments (pictures below). All my students only played one piece, because that is all I have ever heard of being played at a student recital. The other students were playing two and three pieces, all of which were LONG (don't play repeats, people!) and kiiiind of train-wreckish. Needless to say, I really wanted to leave at intermission. Ella also got to be somewhat of a pain about 2/3's the way through. That is always tricky. At least it started at 5:00 and not 8:00 or something! Then she REALLY would have been a pain!
This is my "piano lady" Bernadine Van Veen. She is from Holland ("Isn't that weird?" - Gold Member :)) and is very sweet! She owns the music school and coordinated the whole concert.

These are all the Orff instrument students and the recorder students. It was really cute....the first song.....less cute the second song....not cute by the third song. At least these pieces were really short! Haha! They were kind of "crash and burn"ish, though! haha! Some of the little kids were so funny, they were SO serious...and then they would do a really goofy bow! Haha! So cute :)

Our lessons end at the end of this month (Woohoo!) so that will be good. It is kind of a pain driving so far to my lessons. They are in Suckergarden, which is PAST Philipsburg! It takes me over an hour to get there....but only 30 minutes to get home! Stupid traffic....they are also doing LOTS of construction: rerouting the airport road, fixing the Simpson Bay Bridge, and adding a roundabout going up the hill to Philipsburg. I think they need to do the round about, but the other construction projects are kind of unnecessary! FIX THE ROAD THROUGH THE GOLF COURSE!!! HELLO!!!

Anyway, earlier that week, I had Jen and Dan come over so Jen could help me with Sushi! :) It turned out REALLY yummy! The rice was kind of tricky, but it turned out! Even Tom made a roll and thought it was yummy :) I made California rolls: crab meat, avacado, cucumber, AND mango. yummy :)

This week coming up is really busy. I'll try to take pictures of things. We are having a pool day today, I have ICM tomorrow, Friday I have this BIZARRE organ performance/catholic mass thingie (hopefully I can video tape it and put it up on here! ha!), then Saturday we leave for Anguilla! CRAZY! I hope I can find some time to practice!! :)


Dan and Barbara said...

How fun! You seem to be super busy. I hope you still see Tom! :) We are excited to see you and Ella next month!

Alicia and Roger said...

The recital looks fun, what an awesome talent to share. I hope the appreciate you! :)