Friday, June 5, 2009

Beginning of our 4/5th Semester!

Tom started his fourth semester classes in the beginning of May, even though it is our fifth semester on the island. You probably remember that Tom's dad passed last year and so Tom kind of struggled on the big block exam that was the week after his dad died. Sooo yeah, we're here an extra semester :) But that's okay!

Here are all the lovely ladies in the Spouses Organization! Yes, I'm hiding in the back this time! Woo yeah! It was fun just going and talking with the girls and not having to do anything :) Even though I'm a bit of a control freak, it was nice just letting go of the reins!

Here is Jill, Sharill, and Me at the breakfast. We were the former presidency and I don't think we had a picture of just the three of us, so here we are! We're pretty fabulous looking, I know. :)

Later that day, Tom and I decided to go to the beach and I'm SO glad we did! After living here for so long, you kind of get tired of the beach. It is a lot of work with a baby and you can never stay very long because of nap time. But we hadn't gone in quite a while, so we went!

Here is me and Ella playing in the sand :) She was so funny! I would make little mounds of sand and she would smash them with her hands! She thought it was very funny.

I'm kind of making a stupid face in this picture 'cause we were trying to get Ella to look at the camera and I think I am saying to Tom, "Is she looking??" *click* So yeah :) Oh well. The beach day was absolutely PERFECT! It was a balmy 80 degrees-ish, scattered clouds, totally smoother water (nooooo waves! It was like we were at a lake!) and crystal clear blue waters. *siiiigh* We even splurged and got an umbrella with beach chairs, not that I really had a chance to sit in them because I was chasing Ella! I wish she was a little more afraid of the water. She would definitely just get swept away with a smile on her face if I didn't grab her! I can't wait till she can swim!

After the beach, and after naptime, I walked into our bedroom to see Ella doing some office work at the computer. It was so funny looking!
She's like, "Yes? Do you have an appointment?" Haha!

This is Ella's favorite hiding place. Can you see her little shoe sticking out of the bottom?? Whenever she is playing with something she knows she shouldnt' be, I can always find her behind the curtains! Silly girl...
Peek a boo! :) She hid her white sandals the other day...and I can't find them anywhere...I checked behind the curtains, luck. Any suggestions??? Who knows where babies put things! We still can't find Tom's contacts case that Ella grabbed and ran out of the bathroom with. We kind of think they got flushed down the toilet...oops.

Also, among the adventures of Ella can now be included the "Egg-scapade". Yes, she opened the fridge....took out the eggs...and smashed them on the floor. All while I was putting on my mascara and running to catch her. *sigh*

Ella and I also went to cooking club yesterday and learned how to make chocolate/banana smoothies, home made granola, and banana cream pies! Yummy!!!! Tonight I am making sushi, too, that I learned in one of our other cooking club sessions. I seriously love cooking club! And book club! They are my favorite events of the month!! It is so fun to sit around with a bunch of girls that all share the same interest and just chit chat and laugh about whatever! I especially liked the banana quiz we had yesterday (which Ang and I tied for ;)) I had no idea that bananas technically don't grow on trees! They are herbs because the "tree" doesn't have branches OR bark! Ha! I totally got that question wrong :)

Sometimes living on the island is like living in the 7th Dimension of Hell...or maybe even Hotel Hell, where the sheets are made of fire....but other times, it is so fun being with so many different girls and we're all just going through the same traumatic events together! It helps all of us get along when we otherwise might not even be friends. I am learning to many interesting things from everyone. I won't be sad to leave the island when we are done...but I will be sad to miss such a close group of good girlfriends. Thank you ladies for always being so AWESOME! :)


Shaun said...

its called 'hotel california' ;-)

Shaun said...

ps i'm sensing a pattern of your "stupid faces" they all kinda look the same.

Katie said...

Wow, you guys are busy. Sounds like fun though. And what is it about kids and breaking eggs? The boys did that to me, too. Then we put a lock on the fridge. As per the missing stuff, I would check under and in everything. That's how it rolls at our house. But you probably won't find them till you're looking for something else.