Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Fathers Day to my amazing HUBBY!!! (Dad, don't worry, a post is coming for you, too!)

Yes, Tom is an amazing dad! He is SO sweet with Ella and just loves her so much! He babysits her so I can go do other things sometimes and is just so cute with her! I know it is hard to go through medical school and be married and have a BABY, but he is doing it GREAT! He always seems to find time for the family! :D

So, to help celebrate this faaaaabulous Father's Day, we decided to be bad and not go to church....instead we went to the Westin in Dawn Bay. First off, it was a CRAZY drive to get there - very windy and narrow. The whole time we were like, "uh...I hope this is right??" It was :) We made it!

The Westin does these AMAZING Sunday brunches. WOW! They have EVERYTHING!!!!! I tried to take pictures of all the food, but I think I missed some stations! Ha!

We went with a big group of our friends and it was SUPER fun!! Originally we hadn't made reservations, because I didn't know you needed to, and when I called they said, "Nope. We are booked up." I was like, "Oh no!!!" So then I called back to try and beg them to let us come... adn it was a different lady who said, "Oh sure! There is room!" So the lesson learned here is: keep calling and asking until someone doesn't know better and lets you do it! Haha!

I was trying to take a picture of the chocolate fountain station and this scary looking guy totally walked in front of my picture!
Here is the breakfast buffet (I coudln't fit it all in one picture) and the sea food station....
Here is the cutest couple EVER! :D Haha!
This is the pasta station and the Greek station....
That was the Asian food station and the carving station...
More dessert.....
Chocolate Fountain and Ice Cream station....Mmmm

After we ate for three hours (Ha!) we decided to "Fat Dog" it by the pool. Mmmm. :) Soooo relaxing. We had our friend Lea babysit Ella, too, so we didn't even have to worry about her! YAY!!! :D
Here is the whole crew. We decided that we should start a Westin Brunch Group as part of the Spouses Organization. We'll have each member donate $100 to join the group and then we'll go to the different holiday brunches the Westin does! :) Haha! Sharill is President, I'll be Vice President, and we'll keep Danielle as the treasurer...since she is in charge of the Spouses Org money, too! She can make donations to our group, too :) Hahah!

Here is the Westin's pool. It overlooks the ocean adn you can walk straight onto the beach from the pool! It was SO relaxing and fun! Today was definitely a day that makes me grateful for living on an island! Good company....nice location....yummy food....perfect weather... :)

Tom also got a spa treatment for Fathers Day. A deep tissue massage to be scheduled later :) Yay for spoiling our husbands!!!! :D Love you honey!!!!

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KathRSmith said...

I want to be in the spouses org brunch club..what exec position do I get?