Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Birthday! Oh wait...?

So we had a big birthday party on Friday for Tom. No, his birthday wasn't on Friday...isn't not even in June, actually. His birthday is December 19th, but Tom has a history of crappy birthday parties: snow storms, friends out of town, Christmas right around the corner, etc. So I decided that I would throw him a surprise birthday party on his HALF birthday so all his school friends could come! :) It was quite the hit!

I stole these pictures from my friends Facebook pages since I ALWAYS forget to take pictures! Ha! Here we are getting ready. We had the party at Ric's Place in Simpson Bay and Tamara, the owner, let me decorate everything. She brought out game tables and everything, too! Of course I had to decorate everything blue and white ;)

Here we are setting up all the table decorations...

YAY! Tom was thoroughly surprised :)

Ha! So surprised! Of course, who would really suspect a birthday party....when it is not even CLOSE to your birthday! Ha! :)

Yeah...I'm pretty awesome...I just love my hubby a lot :)
Here we all are...mingling...very fun :) We had such a good turn out, too! So many people came, even if it was just for a couples minutes! So fun!!
Here are Eleanor and Kareem hiding in the corner! Or are they canoodling??? Just kidding ;) They were hiding! It was so cute! Everyone was hiding when we pulled up. And then jumped out and shouted "SURPRISE!" Tom was like, "What the....??" Haha! Awesome :)

Tom thought I was stuck in traffic on my way home from piano lessons. I totally wasn't! Ha! I got out of piano lessons EARLY 'cause one of my students didn't show up, AND there wasn't even ten minutes worth of traffic! So I had lots of time to set up the decorations :) Hehe Thank you Hetal for coming and helping me set up! Then I called Tom on my way to pick him up and said, "Hey! Sharill and Joe invited us to dinner, wanna go?" Hehehe :) Soooo sneaky....

Here is everyone getting ready for the surprise...they were hiding around the corner :)
Of course...we had to throw in a little personality! Thank you, Melissa, for making the cake!!!! That was the one part of the plan I couldn't quite figure out how I was going to do it?? What excuse could I possibly have for having a BYU cake in my fridge and then taking it to dinner with Joe and Sharill??? Haha! So yes, thank you melissa for making it and thank you Sharill for bringing it! :D
Here is Ella partying out! Poor little thing was up really late...and had to wake up really early for Anguilla! Posts to come about that...

Tom got a baseball Wii game and a blue wii controller cover :) It is pretty fun! So yes, here is a shout out to Tom and his half birthday! :D Thanks everyone for making it a success!!

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