Thursday, April 2, 2009

Super cute baby giveaway!

I copied this from one of my friends sites, Thanks Nicki! :)

A lady from her hometown makes and sells these super cute diaper bags, makeup cases, and little girl purses!

She's having a giveaway on her blog where if you win, you get to pick any one item from her Etsy site. Here's her blog address to read the rules and enter:

And here's her Etsy site, so you can look at all the cute things she makes:

Go check it out! You're bound to fall in love with everything you see!

Oh, ps - you have until midnight Thursday April 9th to enter.


Suzanne said...

Wow - Thanks so much for the wonderful shout-out. I really appreciate it!

Dan and Barbara said...

Fun giveaway! Copied to my blog too! :)