Thursday, March 26, 2009

100th Post!

Woo! My 100th post! :) Woo!!

Okay, onto the real post :)
My grandparents were here last week. My grandparents are SUPER awesome! They travel all over the world! They went to Egypt last year...they visited us....they are touring the Mediterranean (specifically Israel/Jerusalem)....and all over the States! They are from California, so all these destinations are very far away! They love it though :) They are quite the troopers! I think they have more energy than me! Ha!

Anyway, they got here on Monday and we hung out for the day - it rained ALL day, which never happens! We tried to find places for my grandpa to take pictures, but everything was cold, cloudy, and wet! Go figure!

The next day we went to Philipsburg and went shopping at Rima's and had dinner at the Green House! It was really fun 'cause Tom got to come with us! :) Yaay! The food was delicious, as always, and Ella was actually pretty well behaved! We have discovered that she doesn't really like fruit punch....only applejuice. Go figure. She also doesn't like chicken nuggets or chicken fingers! She eats hamburgers instead! What a funny kid!

The next day we went to Marigot up to the Fort Louis. It was BEAUTIFUL! The sky was absolutely gorgeous! Bright blue - big white puffy clouds! You could see every neighboring island! It was just wonderful. We walked around Marigot for a little bit, but my grandparents kept saying, "Oh, we could get this at Rima's...." they learn quick! :) (This was also the day of the entry "Poooooor Tom....")

The day after that we went to Baie Rouge. The beach is just gorgeous, but the waves were REALLY big and rough! It knocked down my grandpa and he cut up his legs on the rocks :( He was quite the trooper though and said, "Hm...well...I think the salt water will clean it...." and went back into the water! Ha! :) My grandma and I almost got swept away!! Ella, of course, is NOT afraid of the water and I'm sure would just get swept out to sea with a smile on her face if we didn't watch her carefully! Ha! She just loves the waves and screams and laughs when she gets wet! She loves her little floatie ring and could just float in the water for HOURS. Needless to say, the beach is very tiring with a toddler! Ha!

On Saturday we went back down to Rima's so my grandparents could finish all their tourist shopping. The shop owner guy gave Ella a free stuffed fish, too! It's 'cause she's so cute ;) She said "thank you" in sign language and he got a big kick out of that! Ha! Later that day we went to Layla's for the Birthday Party. It was very fun! My grandparents said, "Well, it seems like you have a very nice group of people here!" So that's great! Thanks to everyone who was so sweet to them - and thanks to Jill and Tangra for saying they could come! :)

Sunday was church, then we went to Cupecoy to watch the waves crash and then to airport beach to watch the airplanes. It was very fun and relaxing.

Every single night we would play Shanghai until 10 or 11! Shanghai is a really fun card game that I am learning to love. Before this trip I HATED took so long and I always lost! But, I've learned the key to a good game: maximum four people. Any more than that and it is TOOOOO many! So that was really fun :) It was nice just talking with my grandparents and spending some nice quality time with them. Very fun.

We went to Orient Beach, but I don't remember which day? It was fun - we got beach chairs and umbrellas and even had virgin pina coladas! MmmHMM! :) I told my grandparents they should go to the far right of the beach...but my grandma said No! Haha! :) It was really funny. We didn't see ANY nudie people on the non-nude side, which is REALLY rare! There were lots of boobs...but I guess that is a given! Ha!

We also went to Mullet Beach for the day, but I can't remember which day? It was really fun :) We met another little girl, who was three, who kept harassing Ella. Apparently, Ella didn't really want to play or share her sand toys! Ha! The girl, Christina, and her mom and dad were all from France. Her mom had ginormous ta-ta's and was totally topless! She came up and started talking with us adn playing with the girls in the sand. She was holding a sunscreen bottle and Ella kept trying to grab it. I was like, "oh please, Ella...don't grab her boob....don't grab her boob...." and thank goodness she didn't!!!! Tom said he thought I was going to get knocked out a couple times when she turned around real fast! Ha!! Good times...It was a little uncomfortable talking with a woman, whos boobies are 18 inches from my face!! Haha!!! :) Classic....

I don't have any pictures because I kept forgetting to take my camera wth me! My grandpa took a lot of pictures, so I might steal some from him :) Pictures, hopefully, to come later!

Well, that's all for now!


Dan and Barbara said...

Sounds like you guys had tons of fun. :) Its so awesome that Grandma and Grandpa love to travel. I hope Dan and I have that same energy once we are at that age.
Kyle is really cute. I can't get enough of kissing him everyday. :)

Katie said...

Haha! I LOVE your adventure with topless beaches! That was hilarious! We had a couple similar experiences while in Spain, but not as funny. I'm glad you had fun with your Grandparents. Hurray for visits!

And congrats on your 100th post!