Saturday, March 7, 2009

Activities Update!

So for those faithful readers of my blog, I have some real updates in this one :) Not just pictures of Ella! Haha!

First off, as President of the Spouses Organization, I wanted to make sure there were lots and lots of activities for the girls to choose from to be active in. When we first got here, there really weren't that many opportunities for the girls to get together - especially if you don't drink. So I thought, well crap! Let's make some! :) Of course, the trick to all of this is delegating things so I wasn't in charge of all of them. Some of the girls, Ang and Jen D., had a good idea to start a book club - which is AWESOME. We meet every three weeks and we meet at whoevers houses turn it is. They provide snacks, and everyone provides entertaining discussion. The books vary from sci-fi, to spiritual, to plays, to drama, to horror! It has been REALLY fun and you really get to know the girls!

Our second club is the Cooking Club, which Laura O. is wonderfully in charge of! We meet every two weeks and someones house and they are in charge of cooking/teaching one or two recipes. So far we have had Mexican enchiladas and homemade refried beans, and I did coconut shrimp and homemade onion rings. Next is tortilla soup and a vegetarian tortilla soup. It is REALLY fun! I'm so bad at taking pictures, so Thank You Ang! for taking some at my cooking club! :) The first is of Sharill going outside because the onions were making her cry so bad! After a while, everyone's eyes were watering and we were all laughing 'cause we looked like a bunch of weepy girls! It was very funny :)

We also have Beach-A-Week, which Lacey is in charge of. We meet every Wednesday in front of the coffee house at either 10:00 or 11:00 and go to a different beach each week. So far the girls have gone to Baie Rouge, the beach by Ronda's house (I don't know the name?), Philipsburg, Baie Longue? and a few more that I can't remember the names of! :) It is very casual. Show up if you want to. Don't if you don't. It is pretty relaxing and most of the time the girls bring their kids, too, which gives Ella someone to play with. It is fun to just sit and relax at the beach like we're on vacation and not on "C-H-O-R-K" Island. (Inside joke between me and Tom :) haha!)

Aside from all of our clubs, which are open to everyone, we do a variety of Spouses Org activities. Last night we had a movie and pizza night completely paid for by the Spouses. We watched a movie in Lecture Hall 2 and ate food. It was very relaxed and fun. It's nice to have things to do while our hubbies are all studying. We also do "Ladies Night" at different restaurant/bars where the SO pays for appetizers and stuff like that. Its just fun to hang out.

So, this week we had Cooking Club and Beach-A-Week. Also, this weekend is the Heineken Regatta on the island. It is a big, three day boat race around the island. It's very fun to watch, but everywhere gets RIDICULUOSLY crowded!! They add four new bridge times and everywhere is so packed, you can't even go into town! Ha! Here are some pictures:

Hanna had a Regatta Brunch at her place yesterday morning so we could watch the boats. This is her view out her window! It was BEAUTIFUL!! Her apartment is really nice and everyone brought a dish to share. I brought another pavlova :) Mmmm....and everyone really liked it. The food was really yummy: cinnamon rolls, egg casserolls, bagels, fruit salads, etc. Mmm...Yummmy :) After the brunch, we went home so Ella could take a nap. We were going to head over to this beach BBQ that Heath was having, but we all fell asleep and slept for three hours! Haha!

After waking up, I had to get everything ready for Movie Night. So I called to have the pizza delivered and the guy said, "okay! I'll be there at 6:30" So I said, "okay." Then a few minutes later, he calls and says, "I'll be there at 6:00!" Oh crap! I'm gonna be late! Ha! :) So I run to Food Express to get drinks and some idiot has parked int he middle of the entrance into the parking lot. What a retard! So I had to go around and BACK into the parking lot! there were open spots! I swear...So I get the drinks and meet Sharill at the school to pay for the pizza.
Then she says, "Don't you think the pizza will get cold in an hour?"
I said, "What do you mean?"
She says, "Well, movie night doesn't start until 7:00 right?"
*silence from me*....."What?"
"Yeah....doesn't it start at 7:00???"
"Oh crap....IM AN HOUR OFF!!!" Ha! I totally thought it started at 6:00 and had it perfectly timed with the pizza! Ha! So after I got over the fact that I felt like a total retard, I went and hung out at Sharill's place until 7:00 :) haha!

Then we went to Movie Night, which was pretty fun. I wish I could've stayed longer, but Ella was being a little pill, so we had to leave early.

Anyway, that was my Friday. Today, Saturday, I don't have any plans "yay!" So I can just hang out with my hunny and baby :)

Tomorrow I had to give a talk in church - blah! I better start working on it...

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things are always happening over all sounds so much fun!
yep! we are super excited about going to Brazil. i can't wait! :)